CLAMPSpace – May 22, 2021

DISCLAIMER: This CLAMP Space session happened live on their official Twitter account and recordings were not made available anywhere after the transmission was over. The information available here was gathered in a collaborative effort from multiple reports and impressions from fans from all over the world who took notes as the session was happening live. Please be aware that this report may contain inaccuracies and is subject to corrections.


  • Games played by Satsuki-sensei:
    • Animal Crossing (since its DS version)
    • Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
    • Megami Tensei d2
    • AFK Arena
    • Uma Musume
  • Games played by Ohkawa-sensei:
    • sky (she was happy to know that a version for Nintendo Switch will be released soon)
    • Silent Hill 1
    • Resident Evil 1
    • Megami Tensei
    • Danganronpa
  • Mokona-sensei likes puzzle games.
  • They all said to be occasional gamers and not hardcore gamers.
  • They talked about Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
  • They asked for game suggestions via Nekoi-sensei’s Twitter. They mentioned musical games, Super Mario Bros, Gardenscapes as some of the suggestions.
  • They also mentioned the collaboration Granblue had with Code Geass, which made them mention Jun Fukuyama.
  • While CLAMP were talking about various games, they talked about the mobile game Neko Atsume. That led to one of them mentioning that a friend had named a black cat Kurogane and a white cat Fai. and then CLAMP were talking about what if you had a cat named Kurogane and a cat named Fai but they didn’t get along. One of them said that would be sad but another said “who cares about them? Now if it was Sakura and Syaoran (cats) that didn’t get along that would be really sad”.
  • They talked about games adapted from their own works. Mostly about Magic Knight Rayearth games and the X one for Playstation.
  • They talked about how the X game has very similar animation to its TV Anime adaptation.

Maaya Sakamoto

  • They recapped their long relationship with her and asked fans for their favorite Maaya Sakamoto songs outside the ones from their own works.
  • CLAMP attended to Maaya’s wedding. Yoko Kanno played piano at the reception.
  • They’re also talking about how much they love Clear and how they’re so happy with it.


  • They talked about how sad/hard it was for Syaoran during the Infinity arc because he knew everyone well but they didn’t really know him (and Sakura was distancing herself).
  • The cast of Tokyo Revelations was chosen by Ohkawa-sensei.
  • They were very happy that Kodansha allowed them to attach the OAD to the tankoubon release because they wanted to animate Tokyo arc and it wasn’t possible to do so in NHK.

Card Captor Sakura Movies

  • Although the first movie is set in Hong Kong, Ohkawa-sensei didn’t go there herself to do location research. Instead, this was done by producer Masao Maruyama and director Morio Asaka, from Madhouse. They did it in almost one day.
  • If you try to replicate some scenes where Sakura runs from one place to another, you’ll end up in very odd places (not sure what this means, I think it means the place is not that accurate).
  • Ohkawa-sensei watched over 30 hours video footage about Hong Kong to be able to write the script.
  • In director Morio Asaka’s storyboard for the last scene of the second movie, it was originally supposed to end with Syaoran saying “Stop it!/Don’t do it” to Sakura, who was about to jump over the gap to reach Syaoran, but Ohkawa-sensei wanted to end it in a lighter tone so she requested to add an additional line to Sakura where she says “I love you”.
  • Syaoran’s sisters were not created specifically for the movie, he was always meant to have four sisters since the beginning.
  • A fan asked if they were aware that Syaoran’s four sisters look like CLAMP and they said no.
  • The cast for Maaya Sakamoto as The Nothing card was chosen by Ohkawa-sensei.
  • Naoko’s song sang by Tomoyo in movie 2 was written by Ohkawa-sensei. Naoko is at Ohkawa-sensei’s heart.
  • The pamphlet for the movies cost 600 yens at the time and they thought it was a little expensive. They requested to make it cheaper for elementary students.
  • A fan pointed out that the color of Sakura’s ribbon shoes for the play costume is different in the movie and the art that CLAMP did for the movie. The shoes are red in the movie while they are white in the arts did by CLAMP. They replied that the correct color is red and that either Mokona-sensei got confused and mixed the colors or she intended it to look this way. Mokona-sensei added that she thought it would look better for the illustrations if they were white, therefore it was a conscious decision to make them white for the illustrations.

Card Captor Sakura Clear Card arc

  • Mokona-sensei’s favorite battle costume is the one with the frog.
  • Now that Sakura is a junior high student, they are showing a little more of skin in Sakura’s battle costumes.
  • The costume Sakura is wearing in volume 2 was made green per Ohkawa-sensei’s request.

Let’s keep this a collaborative effort! If you found mistakes or if you think you can contribute with more information, please contact me.


One thought on “CLAMPSpace – May 22, 2021

  1. Thank you so much for compiling all this translated information! It was a great read! I love how CLAMP was invited to Sakamoto’s wedding. I knew that they were close but I didn’t know that it was to that extend.

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