CLAMPSpace – June 15, 2021

DISCLAIMER: This CLAMP Space session happened live on their official Twitter account and recordings were not made available anywhere after the transmission was over. The information available here was gathered in a collaborative effort from multiple reports and impressions from fans from all over the world who took notes as the session was happening live. Please be aware that this report may contain inaccuracies and is subject to corrections.

Netflix’s Grimm project

Only Ohkawa-sensei attended the press conference back in February 2020.

Mokona-sensei mentioned that Michiko Yokote will be writing the scripts for it.

The three characters we see in the teaser are the main characters, but each episode will be different and introduce different characters.

The coloring for the teaser was done by Nekoi-sensei. They did a total of three illustrations but this was the one ended up being chosen by Netflix.

At first, Nekoi-sensei proposed a teaser where the characters were in the woods. They went to the Kyoto botanical garden to collect materials, but it ended up not being chosen.

The title “Grimm” is a tentative one.

The one thing that was decided from the beginning was to have a character with red hair and green eyes.

They have already read all the scripts and they are not really the same as the Grimm Brothers tales.

Talk with Miki Iida (BL Novelist)

The way novels become popular have changed. From weekly magazines to monthly magazines and spread out apart from that as well.
Ohkawa-sensei: “There is this one called “Ou-sama( King’s) ranking” that was on “witto” (*Wit”?) and it grew from there.”
-Mic off-

Talk with Tetsu Inada (Kurogane/Ioryogi voice actor)

He was playing Monster Hunter when CLAMP called him to join them. He began playing Nintendo Switch because Mika Kikuchi invited him. But he says is not good at it.
I got help from my friends so Y have some stock
He plays Super Robot Wars as well. Mostly the ones that you don’t play in real time.
He’s dubbing a game that is about collecting ships (war ships, historic navy).

When looking for Kurogane’s voice actor, there weren’t so much voice with low voices.
Tetsu Inada: “There were a lot of my senpai in there.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “My idea of Kurogane was that he would have a really low voice. I didn’t thought that Fye would have such a high voice though (laughs). But for Kurogane, it was clear for me.”
CLAMP: “Does Inada-san remember the first lines?”
Tetsu Inada: “There were some lines where Kurogane is behaving, but after that it becomes rough.”
CLAMP: “Weren’t you surprised to be called to dub a such a thin character? It may be weird that a thin character has such a low voice. For us Kurogane is such a ‘flat’ character. He doesn’t doubt/hesitate when he is surprised or shocked. Kurogane is steady even though the other characters would be shocked.”
Tetsu Inada: “We saw that in Tokyo Revelations.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “That’s what I thought Inada-san was the perfect match. I thought this person wouldn’t be shocked that easily. As it was said, in Tokyo Revelations, a lot of things happen but even then Kurogane stays calm.”
Mokona-sensei: “Well by that time he had also grown up.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “So the reason we picked Inada-san is because his way of talking was the calmest. And of course the voice itself was good. As for the voice alone, there were other people with suitable voices.”
Tetsu Inada: “You had the image of the One Piece character, right?”
Ohkawa-sensei: Yes, Brogy from One Piece.”
Tetsu Inada: “Although it’s pretty different.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “There’s a lot of people that are aiming to become dubbing actors but I don’t think that is only about having a good voice. Your voice has to be easy to differentiate. Of course you can be differentiated because of your acting as well (laughs).”
Tetsu Inada: “At auditions, I don’t only think about the lines that are given at that instance. I try to show the possibilities of expressing other feeling.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Yeah, but as the part who chooses, we need to have something that differentiates the voice from others.”
Mokona-sensei: “The one who decides is the director anyways.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “So for you it’s something that you decide each time you go to an audition.”
“For us we are choosing for a little project so it may be different. I think there’s a small chance (to work together?) in the future but we don’t really know.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “What are you guys talking about?”
Tetsu Inada: “About general stuff, the works we are dubbing, we also get love-consults.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “What’s Inada-san’s tokui?”
Tetsu Inada: “Suta-don (Sutamina Don)”
Ohkawa-sensei: “What’s on it?”
Tetsu Inada: “The main thing is pork, then there’s tama negi, and there’s soup.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Lately we can’t go to Tokyo, neither you can come to Kyoto. But I think it will be alright next year so we would like you to come to make Suta-don for us.”

Tetsu Inada: “The last time that we met was during the Sengoku Basara‘s Takarazuka play, right?”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Oh yes, that was it. We’ll be inviting you to join us in future spaces as well.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “But anyways, about picking Inada-san for Kurogane, the main reason was that we thought Inada-san was the one that we thought that would be able to survive the hell that would be coming in the story. Thank you so much for participating today.”
Tetsu Inada: “I’ll go back to Monster Hunter.”

Mokona-sensei: “The impressive thing about Inada-san’s voice is that you can easily recognize it. Even if you listen on advertisements outside”.

Ohkawa-sensei: “Since we’re near the end, we’d like to call some listeners to join us. But please don’t say mean things. Somebody that talks about kind things. Maybe two of them. But please be nice. Don’t say something harsh please. We’ll pick Sakamata-san because with that whale icon he/she seems to be a kind person.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “If it’s ok, tell us which was the first CLAMP work you saw/read?”
Sakamata: “I watched Card Captor Sakura on NHK and after that friends at school introduced me to the Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC mangas.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “When reading Tsubasa, how old were you?”
Sakamata: “I was on the 3rd year of elementary school”.
Ohkawa-sensei: “So you may have watched the OAD Tokyo Revelations, right?”
Sakamata: “Yes.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “How cute! What would you say is your favourite CLAMP work?”
Sakamata: “I love RG Veda.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “But at that time you weren’t even born yet, right? What was your impression reading it?”
Sakamata: “When I read the first chapter I didn’t quite understand it.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Mokona apologizes for it!”
Sakamata: “But after reading the first 10 chapters I got a better idea of it.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Who is your favorite character?”
Sakamata: “Ashura.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Child or adult?”
Sakamata: “Adult.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “So good that Mokona put her efforts to it! (laughs)”
Sakamata: “I like Taishakuten as well”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Is that so?”

Sakamata: “I wanted to go to the Japan Expo in 2009 but I had the entry exam for school at that time.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “That’s perfectly understandable.”
Sakamata: “I have the logo mark of that time as my cellphone screen.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Thank you.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “Last question: Is it better if we let you know before doing the spaces? How much anticipation is good?”
Sakamata: “It’s definitely better if you let us know.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “One hour maybe? Or a day before?”
Sakamata: “That way I can make space on my night schedule and can write down the space report as well.”

Fan talk: Natsumi

Natsumi: “I’m so happy!”
Ohkawa-sensei: “We’re sorry we called you this late. Is there something you would like to ask to CLAMP?”
Natsumi: “I have so many favorites works but I was wondering what makes CLAMP-sensei happy, if there’s a way to show appreciation…?”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Oh don’t worry about that. If you’re happy, we are happy. Which was your first CLAMP work?”
Natsumi: “I watched the second session of the Card Captor Sakura anime. I didn’t have my dad and in Card Captor Sakura, Sakura has lost her mom so I felt very related to that.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “So your favorite one is Card Captor Sakura?”
Natsumi: “It’s Tsubasa. I like Syaoran and everyone as well but I like Subaru.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “So you like Subaru. But if you have to choose between the Subaru from Tokyo Babylon, X and Tsubasa, which one would you pick?”
Natsumi: “X‘s Subaru. I wonder about his happiness. How it is going to be developed.”
Igarashi-sensei: “If you like that much a character, you want them to live happily ever after, right!” (in a strong voice)
Nekoi-sensei: “I just want to see how the story develops.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “But if you say so, some characters won’t become happy. Nekoi is not the one who goes nice with villains, right? You are hard on Seishirou.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “Regarding Subaru, he changes between Tokyo Babylon and X. And in Tsubasa, he becomes like an one-san. (as in being like a “protective” sister) For me Subaru and Kamui In Tsubasa‘s world end up being happy.”
Mokona-sensei: “They are escaping now, so it must be troublesome but…”
Ohkawa-sensei: “There’s also Yuuko, maybe they can ask Watanuki for help. As for the happiness of characters….”
Mokona-sensei: “But it is impossible as it was left…. Even X, if there’s a continuation we have to do somehing about that.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “I want to make it clear that the relationship between Kamui and Fuuma is different from the Subaru and Seishiro one, so you bear that in mind.”
Natsumi: “Is there any new information on the vampire twins?”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Vampire Kamui hates Seishiro a lot. That’s clear. Altought Subaru doesn’t hate Fuuma. Everyone must be thinking that Fuuma won’t achieve his goal. More new information? Wait 3 seconds (laughs).”
Mokona-sensei: “So for Tsubasa, you want Subaru to be happy.”
Nekoi-sensei: “But the Subaru from X, that is connected to Tokyo Babylon, is not for sure he will end up happy.”
Natsumi: “I’d like to think that if everything ends well. Then it will be alright.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “By ending you mean when they die?”

Ohkawa-sensei: “If Subaru can become happy, it must be some form of happiness that it doesn’t include Seishirou. I don’t think people should put their happiness on other people.”

Mokona-sensei: “If you only think about Seishirou, you may think that wasn’t happiness. But those eyeglasses were cool and he was witty.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “You come up with that?! Oh well the fans will always want characters to end in a happy way. But as for Tokyo Babylon…. I think is hard that it could end on a happy ending.”

“How would it be possible for Tsubasa‘s Seishirou and Subaru to become happy?”
Mokona-sensei: “To not get together. Not saying goodbye either.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Is that so….”

Fan talk: Misa

Ohkawa-sensei: “You have such a cute Twitter icon.”
Misa: “A friend drew that.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Do you have a question for us?”
Misa: “Will Sakura become happy?”
Ohkawa-sensei: “She is giving her best now. Sakura will end up happy because of her own efforts.”
Misa: “Now I rest assured.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “But if you say that, we may be making her unhappy (joking). Nah, she will become happy whatever happens.”
Misa: “I am remembering of the Card Captor Sakura anime episode in which sakura says “zettai daijobu dayo” (everything will be alright), the one with the cards The Light and The Dark, that episode helped me through stuff while going to school.”

Ohkawa-sensei: “Which is your favorite battle costume from the Clow Card arc?”
Misa: “The 1st one is the Platina one. The 2nd one is the one from the second opening.”
Mokona-sensei: “There were some figures of that as well.”

Fan talk: Mitsubachi Ageha

Ohkawa-sensei: “As we said earlier if you have a question do it now since we’re gonna to ask you after that.”
Mitsubachi Ageha: “In the past, when Ohkawa-sensei was using twitter, you mentioned Fye and Kurogane’s birthdays but we never got to know those…” (speaking rather shyly).
Ohkawa-sensei: “You really wanna know? Say it on a loud voice!”.
Mitsubachi Ageha: “Please share with us the birthdays of Fye and Kurogane on twitter later!”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Ok we’ll publish it on twitter. Altough Fye’s one it was decided by Ashura-ou so it may not be the definitive one… Ok, we’ll publish it on twitter in nowadays calendar.”
Mitsubachi Ageha: “It wasn’t on the guidebooks either.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “What’s your favourite character outside CLAMP works?”
Mitsubachi Ageha: “I only read CLAMP’s work, so…”
Ohkawa-sensei: “So who you like the most?”
Mitsubachi Ageha: “I like them all, but if I have to mention I would say Fye.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “The Fye you met in the manga, right? At that time there was no anime yet.”
Mitsubachi Ageha: “I also could mention Primera. But from Fye I like that he’s kind of a cool guy.”
Ohkawa-sensei: “Aren’t you fond of cool guys (in a bad way)? (laughs)”
Ohkawa-sensei: “I didn’t know that people would give that much importance to the birthdays. Of course we decide all that data in all works, but for Tsubasa, specially about Kurogane and Fye, we didn’t go that far. Also if we make it public, people would know them better. But since Ageha (the listener) is asking for it we will announce it on Twitter later.”

Final talk

Ohkawa-sensei: “We talked 3 hours today. Next time we’ll inlcude the Netflix producer. There’s the Grimm’s project as well so we will be publishing futher information about it as well. We also had Inada-san with us today, we’d like it to have him again. We also talked to 4 fans, they were really cute! And as we promised earlier, we will announce the birthday of ‘those two’ on twitter later.”

A huge thank you to Claudio for providing skillful real-time translations.

Let’s keep this a collaborative effort! If you found mistakes or if you think you can contribute with more information, please contact me.


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