XXXHOLiC Rou OAD premiere

The preview screening of the XXXHOLiC Rou OAD took place yesterday in Shibuya, Tokyo. 200 people were selected by lottery to attend the screening (pre-ordering the OAD was one of the conditions to participate in the lottery).

CLAMP made a secret appearance at the event (they weren’t scheduled in the first place). Other guests included director Tsutomu Mizushima, Sayaka Ohara (Yuuko’s seiyuu), Jun Fukuyama (Watanuki’s seiyuu) and Kazuya Nakai (Doumeki’s seiyuu).

– Himawari appears;
– The story is different than the manga (I guess the Rou part is a little different);
– In the manga, 4 years have passed, and according to this blogger, in the OAD more time have passed.

Nanase Ohkawa posted a message in CLAMP-NET.COM about the premiere (and how she drank a lot in the party xD)

The XXXHOLiC Rou OAD goes officially on sale on April 23.


8 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC Rou OAD premiere

  1. Thanks for the info ^^
    I preordered it on a whiiile ago, let’s see how it will turn out!! 😀
    I wonder if it will be conclusive or an open ending…again ^^;;


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