Kobato. TV Anime #21

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I like how Okiura bursts into the scene cutting all the cuteness that was going on Who did you give your chocolate to, Kobato-chan? =) Not that I don’t like the cuteness that is brought by Kobato., but Okiura is pure awesomeness, when he walks in he steals the scene.

But I do have major complains about his design, he looks so weird, specially his haaair D=

LOL at Chitose thinking that Kobato can’t eat because she’s sad about Yomogi closing down HAHAHA!

The way Kobato found Okiura’s super high-tech headquarters (their building has their name!) by following the sunglasses dude, I thought that was cheap.

Can’t Sayaka take that apron off from once? Not even when the school is closing? Seriously xD

So Okiura was playing the bad guy all this time to protect Sayaka from his father, who is evil for real, because Okiura’s father was the one who gave the loan to Sayaka’s father? I always knew, well WE always knew, that Okiura wasn’t a bad guy from the beginning, that he still loved Sayaka and that she felt the same way, but in the anime this was so out of the blue… I think manga will have the same outcome, but probably some details will be different and hopefully the development will be smoother and less rushed.

I think Okiura didn’t appear enough in the anime, there wasn’t many hints about his real intentions, they wanted to make us think that he is evil and turn him into the good guy in the end. I’m totally okay with that, that’s how CLAMP “villains” are, but the approach was weird, the revelation was done too quickly and suddenly Okiura looks sad and suddenly Sayaka changes her mind, it was all too lame.

The hug at the end was cute, though, they make a good couple. Can’t wait to see that happening in the manga.

Looking forward to the next episode to see more of Sayaka/Okiura in good terms.


19 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime #21

  1. I’ve just finished with this ep! I was by far, my favourite of all! so sweet. Oh, and I surprised when Kobato said that she couldn’t eat! So she’s definitely not human at all. The “end” of Sayaka and Okiura was nice, I hope that in the manga they stay together too… Now I really wonder what this girls can come with in the manga…
    Thanks for sharing your comments!


    • I wonder how different the manga will be. Ohkawa will probably think of different circunstances at least, but yeah, I also hope they end up together in the end โ™ฅ


  2. Sc

    No, forget the Christmas episode. THIS is my favorite episode. I knew it, Okiura isn’t evil is obvious, but I guessed his intentions too! Sayaka and Okiura does make a really good couple, a Romeo and Juliet kind of love (“We came from two different worlds…” so Romeo!)…the ending was cheesy but still cute. Awww…..Happy Sayaka, finally healed. Happy Okiura! Wait, shouldn’t there be two konpeito then?

    Maybe Okiura isn’t fully healed. They still have to deal with his father….

    New prediction! I’m thinking in the last couple of epis the Boss dude will show up and during this Kobato will get herself hurt really badly (protecting someone as usual, maybe get shot? Well this anime IS for kids so no guns…?) and then she’ll give her filled bottle (Fujimoto healed in like the last second) to Fujimoto so he can make the wish because she loves him. She wants him to wish for the nursery to stay of course but he wishes her to not disappear. Ah…cheesy, that’s the vibe I’m getting though…

    Laughed also when Kobato’s all “I’m gonna follow that dude to find Okiura’s super duper SECRET hideout” while his building has his name on it in HUGE letters.

    I want next epi now!


    • Re: Sc

      Laughed also when Kobato’s all “I’m gonna follow that dude to find Okiura’s super duper SECRET hideout” while his building has his name on it in HUGE letters.

      HAHA right? Not so secret headquartes xD


  3. awww…..

    this episode was splendid! not only was the music much better than it had been in any other one (weird huh?) but the whole episode played our very well, it was rushed, but they have only a few episodes left so i’ll give them a break

    i loved how they got back together like that. it was soooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. ah i love heartwarming endings like that.

    thank you very much for sharing~


  4. ** VAChE **

    wow…this episode makes me realise FOR REAL that the end is coming very soon…GOD knows how much I’ll miss this show ;___; I know the manga will continue, but it’s not the same…f* monthly publication รฒ__รณ

    It was a nice episode, but maybe the reconciliation was…mmm…not-too-original? I’m not complaining…it was awesome they are together (I love them!! and the hug was SO F* NIIIICE!!!) but somehow I think they would have come out with a better idea…oh well…I’m quite sure Ohkawa will surprise us in the manga ๐Ÿ˜€

    >>the revelation was done too quickly and suddenly Okiura looks sad and suddenly Sayaka changes her mind, it was all too lame.


    • I’m quite sure Ohkawa will surprise us in the manga ๐Ÿ˜€

      Same here!

      As for Okiura’s first name, it was revealed in the cast list, I can’t remember right now O.o


  5. Many emotions, with bad english *o*

    Hummm :/ This episode didn’t convince me at all :/

    I always believed that Okiura is a good boy 8D And he looks great with Sayaka *-* .. but, I don’t know .. maybe bad things will happen with them ;(

    Moreover, Fujimoto made me feel SO SAD ! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Oh god .. are you confused yet? :@! You don’t love Sayakaaa, your heart is with Kobatoo D8! .. Maybe this situation is better for Kobatito, so she’ll keep her wish :/ I wonder what will happen in the next episodes o_o
    1.- Kobatito will go to Heaven or any place, and Fujimoto will stay on Earth
    2.- Kobatito will change her wish (but I don’t think so .. because she would harm Ioryogi, Ginsei and the other spirits ..)

    And .. ok, she can’t eat. But this isn’t a new clue .. all of us know that Kobatito isn’t a human x) I need new information .. and the time is running out >_


    • Re: Many emotions, with bad english *o*

      I think that for the anime she might change her wish and stay with Fujimoto in Yomogi. But then what about the creatures, will they remain forever in those shapes?


  6. Super hi-tech headquarters? Icchan, no! Don’t tell me you’re working for the grey side! Since, Okiura is only playing the bad guy, he isn’t quite the dark side, right?


  7. nice ep ๐Ÿ™‚
    I was remembering… now it’s seven years since X serialization stopped ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I wonder when we’ll have news about it


  8. this episode was lame and too quick, but having lots of okiura momets made it worth it! i think they’re rushing with the anime ๐Ÿ˜ฆ srsly, they could make this better. now if they’d just follow the manga and didn’t make that much filler… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ can’t wait for episode 22! *squee*
    btw, did u read drop 20?? ๐Ÿ˜€


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