Very little news this time…

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

03/10 – Newtype #04 – Drop. 20-B (on sale).
04/10 – Newtype #05 – Drop. 21.
05/10 – Newtype #06 – Drop. 22.

Nothing changes for Kobato. =)

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

03/15 – Young Magazine #15 – Chapter 203 (on sale).
03/20 – Young Magazine #16 – Chapter 204.
03/29 – Young Magazine #17 – Chapter 205.
04/05 – Young Magazine #18 – Chapter 206.

We’re reaching the end of Volume 17 (due April 23), but I’m not quite sure how many chapters are left. If anybody could fill me up with this I’d appreciate it =)


One rather sad news is that the release date of the DVD and Blu-Ray Boxes of the ANGELIC LAYER TV Anime were pushed back to September 24. They were originally scheduled for March 26.


24 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

  1. Have you seen the raw scan of the most recent chapter to xxxHOLiC (ch. 203)? It was supposed to be out last week, but couldn’t find it.

    Thanks for the news.


      • I really haven’t! =( Lately I haven’t been on a scan hunt, if you know what I mean xD I’ll just read the chapters as they appear on the internet.

        But we’re talking about the early scans, right? I heard that the person who did them will no longer scan them, but I’m sure it’ll appear eventually, after all it was officially released yesterday.

        Thanks for first comment 8D


  2. 203 is late!grrr!Anyway i’m surprised that there are no breaks!I wander how long will Xxxholic last.I love the new direction but shouldn’t there be more foreshadowing of Yuko’s return and Watanuki in danger by now?


    • Well, considering that Yuko is dead and Watanuki is always in danger of some kind, I doubt there’s much to foreshadow. We do know that Watanuki has some mysterious offscreen injury or illness of some sort and his dream-powers could cause some serious problems if he overuses them (and he uses them in almost EVERY chapter.)

      I’m sure we’ll get some cool new customers. I’m begging for a Tsubasa guest appearance with Syaoran (as a hot grownup, of course) and Watanuki having some brotherly bonding time or something, or the Sakura and Syaoran from CCS, who actually live in xxxHolic world, to stop by and visit) after the April 1st reunion with Himawari arc (which is surely coming up with date approaching).


      • Well i firmly believe that Yuko may reincarnate OR Watanuki will be in some deep trouble since as you pointed he is abusing his powers.(XXXholic can’t possible end without a resolution of his promise/wish to wait for her)


    • If you ask my opinion, this arc wasn’t originally planned, so that can be why it looks a little empty. I’m sure Ohkawa must have something in store, but I still think this wasn’t her original plane (it only happened because XXXHOLiC became more popular than Tsubasa).


  3. Volume 17 will probably contain chapters 194 – 204, by my guesstimate, since the past few chapters have been unusually “long” at 16 pages. The first 14 volumes of xxxHolic were 178 pages, the last two were 170 pages. At chapter 202, there have been 144 pages, so there are 26-34 more pages to fill up a book. My guess is that it might be a 12 page and 14 page chapter coming up to finish off the book.

    I haven’t really enjoyed xxxHolic since Yuuko’s disappearance, but hopefully the story will flow better when I read it as a complete volume.


  4. Now XxXholic is reaching its climax, I think there is no much left, maybe we’ll have just volume 17 and then 18. I like it, but I’m in the mood for something new (or something on hiatus xD). With Kobato I have the same feeling, I don’t think it’s going to last much more than 6 or 7 volumes.. but who knows, we’re talking about the most unpredictable women in the world hahah
    Thanks for the news!


    • I agree, I’m ready for something new…

      Kobato can last a few more years and I don’t mind. It looks like we are in the middle of the story, but yeah, we could be all wrong when it comes to Ohkawa xDDDDD


  5. Thanks for the news ^^

    It’s great that Holic got no breaks, thought if you think about it Clamp really have nothing else to do right now beside it and few pages of Kobato monthly ^^;;
    Well, sincerely, I don’t know where this is going at all: reviving the dead is impossible, this is an absolute rule in Clamp’s world, so the probability of Yuuko returning have been zero from the very start. Watanuki decided for himself to pay as a price to stay forever in the store never aging, so it’s not like whatever there is inside the egg could over-run that price…so how could Holic be ended ‘satisfactorily’? That’s for Clamp to decide…


    • Yeah, definitely Yuuko won’t be back. That doesn’t mean we won’t ever see her, but not in human form.

      I wonder how long will take Watanuki to realize that she’s not coming back…

      And yeah, now there aren’t any excuses for breaks. They are drawing an average of 80 pages per month! That’s like vacations for CLAMP XDDD


  6. I’m so glad that Kobato. isn’t having any breaks! I’ve just paid £141 for a 12 month subscription to Newtype!

    If it has any breaks in the next year then I may scream!

    There was an advert in Newtype about the Angelic Layer boxsets being pushed back-right at the front, too. I haven’t ever seen it, but the anime pictures used in the ad look slightly…skewed.


    • I’m so glad that Kobato. isn’t having any breaks! I’ve just paid £141 for a 12 month subscription to Newtype!

      OMG!!! XDD Let’s hope you won’t have any loss, then! But even if Kobato. does take a break, it’ll only be for one issue I think, but it’s been a hell long time ago since the last time Kobato. took a break, I can’t really remember the last time.


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