…not much happening.

Card Captor Sakura:
It has been decided the opening date for the rebroadcast, February 23rd, it’ll be aired on Thursdays.

Next chapters scheduled (red means new):

01/11 – Shonen Magazine #06 – Chapter 102 (on sale).
01/18 – Shonen Magazine #07 – Chapter 103.
01/27 – Shonen Magazine #08 – No Tsubasa Scheduled.
02/01 – Shonen Magazine #09 – Chapter 104.
02/08 – Shonen Magazine #10 – Chapter 105.
02/15 – Shonen Magazine #11 – Chapter 106.

February full of Tsubasa, too bad there are no color pages scheduled (yet).

Also too bad that the covers for vol. 13 weren’t announced either.


Next chapters scheduled (red means new):

01/16 – Young Magazine #07 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled (on sale).
01/23 – Young Magazine #08 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.
01/30 – Young Magazine #09 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.
02/06 – Young Magazine #10 – Chapter 97 – 4 Color Pages, beginning of tank 9.
02/13 – Young Magazine #11 – Chapter 98.

An original good will be given for the people buying the DVDs for the movies of XXXHOLiC and Tsubasa on Animate’s stores, it’s a signed pic drawn by CLAMP (the pics and sign will be reproduced, of course).

I liked XXXHOLiC’s pic better. And what is Doumeki holding? A condom? XDD

EDIT: Kasumi-chan did what we all thought nearly impossible ! She managed to get through the members area from CLAMP-PLA.NET *dies*
*revives* Because she’s damn kind, she also captured all the new pics that CLAMP are posting ever since they started with this new site ^____^ See them HERE. Thank you very much indeed, Kasumi-chan *bows* ^___^

The pics are mainly from XXXHOLiC but it’s nice to see Nekoi is doing some Gouhou Drugs ones too (the last one with Kazahaya as Ioriyogi is priceless XD), and there’s also some of Wish and Tokyo Babylon.
We can also notice that Ohkawa cut her hair and it looks like the one from the early CLAMP days (I prefer it long o.o).

Thank you SO much, oujiro_chan for e-mailing me about it ^__^

33 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

  1. You are welcome ^^ (feels good to help just this little bit to your great work informing us)
    By the way wtf is Doumeki holding?! XD I am so desperate to see bigger versions of those pics X3 …also I haven´t watched the movie but…why is Watanuki holding a card? or at least seems like a card for me ^^U
    About the other pics it is the nicest thing to see that they still draw wish, GD, TB characters ^^… also kinda appears like the pics were made in their spare time or something XD …well that is just my thought XD…oh! and one thing more! Are they actually watching blood + anime? that saya pic just …I dont know….creeeepy…XD


    • I haven’t got any time to answer your e-mail, but I was DOUBLE happy to see it !
      I visit Kasumi-chan’s blog often, but the last post I saw from her was about a trip she was going to make and that her blog would be in a little hiatus. So I kind of forget to get back into her place xDDD So Thank you for reminding me (And you never bug me, your e-mails are never spam, cut that out ! XD)

      Those pics were so made in 5 minutes at the maximum XD Since Nekoi is the only one who knows how to paint with the PC, we get to see more of her works instead of Mokona’s (maybe the Sumeragi twins were made by Nekoi too, they look a bit strange xD)


  2. zomg… thanks *___* sooo pretty.. *stares at them* i would kill for one of those +_+… *acts creepy*.. jk 😉
    About what Doumeki is holding, i would like to say a big mint candy XD.. but… well .. i does look like a condom… calender… o.o.. birthcontrolpills O_O… *cover head with arms..* i know i dont deserve to live.. T_T…furthermore.. why are they holding those things.. whatever they are?… oh well i/we might never find out..

    *disappears as she came in a cloud os smoke*


  3. Just a BIG thank you

    That’s’s been almost a year that i’ve been visiting your blog,and i am a huge fan of it,being myself a huge fan of Clamp…I do myself draw a bit,and you can check my blog if you wanna see some things i made;like some drawings of chii for christmas!Hope you’ll enjoy it,and if you do,please let me know by leaving a comment..
    Frodon aka Stephane from Paris ;o)
    My blog adress:


  4. Ah…I think I know what Doumeki’s holding ^o^. I’m so spoiled for the movie XO. Must be a stamp. And what Watanuki’s holding should be one of those stamp cards you get at Japanese super markets. You’ll understand once you see the movie. And I’m going to Kyoto at the end of February- beginning of march…they have Animate in Kyoto, right…? I think I’m gonna spend a lot of money there…o_O 


    • So it has to do with the movie, just as I thought.
      And there’s probably animate on Kyoto, surely, they have stores through all Japan. In their site you can find a list of stores ^^


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