Random things

I have a couple of small news to write so I’ll gather them all in this post.

Ah, there’s also that music band meme, which is at the end of the post xD


New layout!

It’s been almost a year since I changed my layout for the last time, what a shame xD

This year was a very busy year to me… probably the busiest year I’ve ever lived. I don’t know if many of you are aware of, but I work full time during the day and at night I go to university. Last year I started working part-time, so I had much more free time, but since March of this year I’ve been working full time.

The consequences are: almost no time to play around in Photoshop xD

But this post it’s not about my excuses for not making a new layout, it’s about the layout itself xD

I’ve been trying to work with S2 style, but I dropped it (because I all my free time was gone xD), so once again I made a layout in S1 (maybe the last one? We’ll see…)

This one is a big departure from the previous one. This one is very simple, it didn’t take much to make it, because I didn’t want to spend much time doing it. I needed to change it quickly xD

As you can see, it features Okiura, also known as the coolest guy out there Debt Collector.

This is my homage to this character, which I’m growing a strong affection for. (It is also an homage to the first tankoubon of Kobato., out 10 days from now xDDDDDDD)

I don’t know the color of his eyes… so I painted them blue… I think it fits, what do you think? If not blue, then maybe brownish. I might change it later if CLAMP decides to reveal it xD

The concept… hum, there’s not a huge concept behind it xD I just love the fact that he laughs all the time and I wanted to play with that xD

So the story is, I have placed a “no smoking” sign because it’s forbidden to smoke in my LJ (LOL!), but he ignores it and he’s obviously laughing at my face xDDDD

Hope you like it !

I made a wallpaper version of it as well (1024 x 768 pixels), in case anyone is interested: