Drug & Drop – Drop No. 1

Chinese scanlations can be found here and translations kindly provided by tsuyuhime over here.

– So they will be using “drops” as well to count the chapters? xD

– 3 color pages is nice! The double spread reminds me of the early Gouhou Drug ones, which is good!

– What’s with Kazahaya and Rikuou not wanting their photo to be uploaded online? They seemed very worried about it… all I can think of is that they might be running from someone? By uploading the picture on the internet, they could easily be tracked down (wearing the Green Drugstore uniform would point to their workplace). Kazahaya seemed the most concerned.

– Ah, the XXXHOLiC crossover! We all knew it would happen sooner or later, but I wasn’t expecting it this soon! Now, clearly there is a time line plot hole in here… it’s been mentioned in this chapter and in the prologue that Kazahaya and Rikuou have been working on the drugstore for one year now. But surely more than a year has passed in XXXHOLiC’s story? I mean, we have seen several seasons going by more than once. We have seen Watanuki going to the Green Drugstore buying a medicine for Yuuko in the beginning of his working days at Yuuko’s shop, and one year later he has become the shop owner? Doesn’t make sense… I think CLAMP has made a mistake here, but oh well…

– We get a confirmation that the narcissus vase from Gouhou Drug volume 2 was in fact ordered by Yuuko =)

– This job looks interesting!

– The art still bothers me a lot! I feel like I’m in minority here, but I still think I must be honest about what I think.

– Next chapter won’t take long, it be out at the end of this month =)

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38 thoughts on “Drug & Drop – Drop No. 1

    • But would that apply to the outside world too? I mean, we’ve seen several springs and winters and summers… and several “new terms” in Watanuki’s school… how would you explain that?


  1. Haha~ Oh Kakei, be still my fangirl heart! He had some real Fay D Flowright-style manipulation going on there! He knows just what to say to get everyone to do exactly what he wants! XD

    But we get our first big cross-over already. I wonder if we’ll get more of the loose-ends from TRC and xxxHOLiC tied here in Drug and Drop…


  2. Lol, it´s REALLY a BIG plothole! I´ve never espected a plothole from CLAMP like THAT! I don´t know, but there are getting old somehow….

    And then the “He looks so lonely” fucks me up, really. I hope Watanuki will die a terrible LONELY death someday.


  3. I’m fine with the art. XD I fangirled when Wata-kun appeared b/c I’m that obsessed over Holic still and probably always will.

    But did anyone notice the place they went is Kohane’s old house?


      • Haha don’t worry, I believe in its potential. I’ve read Gohou Drug and liked it a lot. I didn’t like that zero chapter very much but I guess it was just because it was a preview. This chapter was a lot better, even ignoring the crossover. It’s just that now I will obssess over it expecting more Holic answers 😦


  4. I thought it was only Kaza being worried, and, well, it’s ’cause he ran away from home, isn’t it? He clearly doesn’t want to go back, and if his pic’s uploaded maybe Kei or someone will see him and know where he is.

    The timeline plothole (which I agree, it doesn’t match up at all! Wtf.) might be because it’s… Wata being in the store? Maybe time’s different from the shop’s inside, or some BS like that.


    • Yeah, looking back, Kazahaya is the most concerned one. I think it has to do with his running away.

      The timeline plothole (which I agree, it doesn’t match up at all! Wtf.) might be because it’s… Wata being in the store? Maybe time’s different from the shop’s inside, or some BS like that.

      Maybe… But would that apply to the outside world too? I mean, we’ve seen several springs and winters and summers… and several “new terms” in Watanuki’s school… how would you explain that?


      • This is total conjecture, but maybe Watanuki arranged the “time” in the store to coincide with a point in time over X years in the past in the outside world. That is to say, for some inexplicable reason (CLAMP loves new-Watanuki and wants to trot him out in all of their new series) Watanuki currently needs something from the pharmacy that he can’t get now, but could have gotten X years ago, so he sent a request into the past and had Kazahaya and Rikuo enter the future when they crossed into the store.

        I really, really hope that this isn’t the reason for why xxxHOLiC hasn’t been moved to the “Finished” section of CLAMP-net’s “Works” page.


  5. I could be wrong, but isn’t that the house with the well in the back full of pure water?

    I have been waiting for these 3 to meet again for so long I’m very pleased ^_^


  6. IDEAS

    1. I think that the one worry about getting his picture online is only Kazahaya. It doesn’t seem to trouble Rikuo much until he realize that Kazahaya worries about it. That also gave me the idea that Kazahaya is being hunted…

    2. Holic crossover!!! Amazing! I don’t think CLAMP made a mistake. I’m starting to think (since a while ago, actually, and this chapter seems to confirm it) that there may be some TIME issues between the stories. It’s been seen in WISH also with the 5 reencarnations of Shuishirou. And now with the 100-years-pass-by of Holic. I think it’s no mistake: it’s like every story has its own time line or loop that doesn’t affect the others mangas. So, like that, you can accept the 100 years in Holic = 1 year in Lawful Drug. But since they seem to share some SPACE/DIMENSION, it’s not easy to deal with this complicated though.

    3. The house they arrive in, isn’t the one where Watanuki and Doumeki went to take out the water for Tokio Tower (TRC)??? I can’t find the volume nor the chapter in Holic to compare them and see if it’s the same house.

    4. I’m not liking the art also. Rikuo is okay, but I don’t like Kazahaya and Kakei. They don’t seem the same.

    Thanks for the chapter!


    • Re: IDEAS

      I fount it: the first 2 chapter of volume 10. It doesn’t seem the same house, but may be in HOLIC we saw the backyard and this is the front. Don’t know. The next chapter will say…


  7. I knew Yuuko got the vase from Kakei, and I always figured she got it way before Watanuki appeared at the shop at all.
    I think the timelines for Holic and Gohou are totally different after all and maybe slightly different universes?

    That there’s like.. a drugstore with an alternate version of Kazahaya and Rikuo in Watanuki’s world as well, but they aren’t the same as the ones who got the vase and stuff…

    And Watanuki can only get in touch with the versions in the real Gohou Manga after he’s become the shop owner. Before that the meeting was only featured in Holic, so he could only meet the versions in his own universe, but with the shop he can reach more planes……

    That’s my explanation to make everything fit together. I know it sounds forced, but it’s possible!^^° I think…


  8. Hey, that house looks like that dead lady’s house.

    Crap. I swore off CLAMP after what happened in HOLiC but, *shrug*, they just make their characters so interesting.


  9. Watanuki! XDD (And maybe we’ll see Kobato?)

    My theory about the inconsistent time is that whatever happened in Tsubasa messed up the flow of time and that time isn’t moving at the same rate in different places. Time moves slower at the wish-granting shop than the drugstore. And Genko’s bakery.


    • Yuuko’s death may also be responsible for the time distortion…
      Also the bird! Is it the one Yuuko’s freed in her dream (and viewed by Watanuki)?


  10. Now, clearly there is a time line plot hole in here…

    My point exactly, this is literally the first thought I had after seeing Watanuki.
    Not only many seasons went by in Holic, but there is also the 100 years thing. I tried justifying it by thinking that the store was in a whole other dimension on its own and that time might flow differently, but the fact is Clamp showed us Doumeki’s great grand child, showing clearly that time *does* flow ‘outside’ too. And all the crossovers we witnessed made it crystal clear long ago that Holic and D&D are the same world.
    This is one huge plot hole…


  11. I remember rereading xxxHolic and TRC over and over again one summer in order to get the timelines figured out.

    From what I understand. xxxHOlic takes place over 3 years (or cycles of seasons) and Watanuki is in high school in all of them (even if time inside the shop is freaking weird, I still expect their school to run on regular time). Assuming he and Syaoran START the series around the same age, then xxxHolic mostly follows Watanuki from ages 14-17. After the first timeskip he’s 21, and so on.

    The only problem is that watanuki uses the vase at the end of volume 5, making him 14-15 (I’m too lazy to go check and calculate his exact age). It’s still pretty impossible. But Watanuki is pretty powerful on his own right now, and if he has a part to play in the Drugstore’s destiny, I’m sure he won’t let a pesky little thing like time get in the way.


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