MOON SAGA: first reports (updated)

The first two presentations of MOON SAGA kicked off yesterday in Tokyo and the first reports are starting to appear on the web.

I was hoping there would be some announcement for related side-projects that would involve CLAMP, but apparently there were none. I was also hoping CLAMP would draw more promotional illustrations and goods, but there were also none of that.

From the reports I’ve read, it looks like CLAMP provided some illustrations that appear in the screen during the play. It looks like most of the animation shown on screen were CG.

CLAMP sent flowers to GACKT, as well as PYROTECHNIST, the company which manages CLAMP’s business affairs and is involved in the making of MOON SAGA.

Here’s a report from the Japanese press and another, more detailed one from a GACKT fan, this one is in french (but you can use your Google translator to read it =D).

I must confess I’m very disappointed with this project. I’m sure the play experience must be great, but as a CLAMP fan, I was hoping for more involvement on their part (and I don’t know who is to be blamed on this, in fact I don’t even know if someone is to be blamed at all). Maybe I put too much expectation into it…

UPDATE: Here’s another detailed report in english (includes the plot). The end of the play displayed a “To Be Continued” message. There will be probably sequels, which would explain the title “MOON SAGA”.


10 thoughts on “MOON SAGA: first reports (updated)

  1. Our expectations were proportional to the promotion efforts putting CLAMP side by side to GACKT. Who do that?


    • LOL it’s okay, though. This was originally a GACKT project and he invited CLAMP to collaborate. I was just expecting more imput from CLAMP because that is what a CLAMP fan wants! =)


  2. So finally, reports!

    The French girl said is quite good, much better than the previous GACKT shows.

    As for CLAMP involvement, I prefer less involvement in a good project than more in a poor one. And CLAMP’s main participation, the costumes, seems nicely done.

    I still hope they’ll do the manga. ^^


    • Yeah, the girl was positively surprised.

      ANN says the manga already ran in a Kodansha magazine, but I think they are mistaken, as I haven’t seen anything like it, and I’m sure the official website would have mentioned it.

      It looks like this will be a “SAGA” of plays. The end of this one displayed a “To Be Continued”. So hopefully the next plays will have more CLAMP involvement and it gives more time for them to draw a manga series.


      • The manga already in a Kodansha magazine? Let’s see…

        I looked every last Kodansha comics magazine site, none has any “Moon Saga” or “ムーンサガ” in the line up. Unless the title has nothing to do with the play’s title or they are the single manga in Courrier Japon ou Frau…


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