Nanase Ohkawa interview about BLOOD-C movie

The official website of BLOOD-C: The Last Dark movie has updated with the first part of an interview with CLAMP member Nanase Ohkawa. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow.

In the interview, she explains the differences between the “BLOOD” series and mentions the likes of Quentin Tarantino and Zack Snyder.

Nanase Ohkawa is one of the screenwriters for BLOOD-C: The Last Dark along with Junichi Fujisaku. The movie opens on June 6 in Japan.


Moving on to MOON SAGA now, its official website updated with a video interview with actor Saotome Taichi, who is part of the cast in the play version of the project.


Lastly, CLAMP members recently made blog posts about being in Kyoto. They did another location hunt there, most likely for GATE 7.


12 thoughts on “Nanase Ohkawa interview about BLOOD-C movie

  1. Thanks for the information about the Ohkawa interview. The more I read about her thoughts on BLOOD-C, the more I can appreciate the TV series and why it turned out the way it did (and makes it more tolerable). However, Ohkawa doesn’t say that Tarantino and Snyder are her influences. Instead she says that they are self-confessed fans of BLOOD the Last Vampire and thinks that BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE’s influences can be seen in their work (and other writers/artists). I guess I can see it in the sword fights of Kill Bill, but this comment is kind of a stretch.


    • Their blogs are so far closed to members of CLAMP@MOBiLE. You must have a japanese mobile line and subscribe to their service.

      I happen to have a friend there who subscribes for me that’s why I can access them.

      I believe in the near future those blogs will be open to the general public, let’s wait and see!


  2. CLAMP seems to like their work be made in anime form rather than writing them as manga, seeing what happened to Blood-C and I have a feeling that CLAMP used their experience in being involved in Magic Knight Rayearth II Anime in making Tsubasa, they used similar plot devices to Rayearth II in Tsubasa like the Clones, I think CLAMP is very much comfortable on making animes nowadays compared to before.


  3. Hey, do u have any idea where we can read Drug and Drop and Gate 7 chapters?? No one has the new ones and I’m finding troubles searching at least for the scans… Any help?


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