Happy Birthday Satsuki Igarashi!

Today is the birthday of CLAMP’s member Satsuki Igarashi! She’s turning 43 years old today.

Here’s wishing all the best to her! ♥

Here’s a picture of some of the gifts she received:


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Satsuki Igarashi!

  1. Happy Birthday to her!!! Hope she enjoys it!

    Do you know which one of them is the one with the medical problem? I don’t remember you saying it…

    I also compared Drug and drop drawing with the old chapters and I find the new style more according to Mokona’s drawing than Nekoi’s… Don’t you think?



    • They haven’t formally made a statement saying who’s going through the treatment.

      As for Drug & Drop, I really don’t think the art style is more according to Mokona’s drawing. Personally, I’m not liking the new style at all =/


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