New CLAMP project ahead?

The past weeks have been rather quiet, haven’t they? Hope you’re all doing ok and still loving CLAMP =) Here’s some news to make you all excited then!

Today CLAMP member Satsuki Igarashi posted a message in CLAMP-NET.COM where she mentioned being on a business dinner about a new project!



She didn’t give any further details about it but she said to be very excited and that an official announcement should be followed soon.

Quite foreshadowing, huh? Whatever it is, I’m already excited! Stay tuned everyone!

On another news, here is the cover for 20 Mensho ni Onegai!! for the CLAMP CLASSIC COLLECTION editions:

It will be released on March 03.

Kadokawa put up a hot site for the CLAMP CLASSIC COLLECTION editions, you can check the previous covers there.


21 thoughts on “New CLAMP project ahead?

  1. Ah, I still love CLAMP all right, it’s just GATE7 has less buzz than xxxHolic and Tsubasa (after all it’s really a unique work which parallel to each other). Plus their last collaboration, Blood C, is quite below expectation ^^;;

    Let’s hope they have an interesting project starting soon! Though I’m starting to give up to expect anything good for their collaboration work ever since Geass…


  2. I hope they don’t plan to take up more work than they can handle again! Another new series on top of their work for Drug & Drop and Gate7 is… too much imho. ^^; Another anime maybe…? Ah, but it’s way too soon for Gate7 or D&D to become animated. There isn’t enough content for either yet and we’ve had bad experiences before with animation studios ruining CLAMP’s stories and characters once they overtake the manga.
    I don’t know what I’d like it to be really. Please don’t hate me for my lack of faith in Ohkawa, but her endings have been extremely bad for her recent series, so I feel like I can’t trust her to finish X/1999 or Clover properly now…


  3. Thanks for the news! 😀

    So the nature of the project is still unknown uh? Some say manga, others say anime…is there any chance it could actually be something about trading cards of figures like Clamp in 3d land/cardland? Or did the way she put it clearly point to another manga work?

    My personal hope, always the same: In Japan Expo 2009, Clamp was asked about the reason behind Syaoran’s sudden return to HK in the last volume of ccs, because of ‘family matters’…to which they answered that it will be revealed soon enough in the future…we are actually 3 years in that future so I hope they are going to do it= whatever work they are making to add up a crossover at some point with that info! That said, considering all the promises they made in the past (X, clover…) I suppose I won’t be holding my breath either ;_;


    • It could be virtually anything, a new collaboration project, a new special magazine for their anniversary in April, CLAMP is a creative group (not only manga creators) so it could be anything =)


  4. Not sure how well-received the new characters added to the holitsuba storyline were but I’m kind of hoping it’s some kind of fun, laid-back spin-off holitsuba thing or something easy that lets them have fun while distributing something popular so they don’t take on too much and can focus on their more serious works…

    …especially since I agree w/everyone else that D&D and G7 don’t have enough content to be made into anime as of yet.

    Still, I’m impressed with most of their own works so I can’t wait to hear what it is!

    Thanks for sharing!!


  5. A New announcement sounds quite thrilling…

    What I really really really hope is they are planning a new manga but with a different style from all the ones we have seen reciently and, as everyone is complaining about, with a well-structured ending. I really hope for a manga like Card Captor Sakura, meaning with this that I would really appreciate a cute, kind, lovely and innocent manga that teaches us again those incredible CLAMP values that we have learned among all the series like true love, effort, happiness and inevitability.

    And if it’s not another manga, maybe some sort of card game or new thing …

    Or, if we want to get dreamy, a new project that may involve an event in LatinAmerica or NorthAmerica during which CLAMP would appear 🙂 Wouldn’t it be lovely?

    Thanks chibiyuuto as always for your great work giving us CLAMP news


  6. THIS IS GREAT….not.
    Give me X or nothing. And they have already two mangas! Why do they need another one? I hope it is going to a happy manga at least.


  7. Hello, Chibi Yuuto!!!
    Do you have any idea when chapter 5 of D&D will be online?
    I know it was supposed to come out on the 2nd of this month, but it’s not online…
    Thanks a lot!
    By the way, first thing I do when I get online everyday is check your LJ for updates!
    I just love your LJ, carry on your great work!!!
    Camille, from France.


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