New CLAMP project ahead?

The past weeks have been rather quiet, haven’t they? Hope you’re all doing ok and still loving CLAMP =) Here’s some news to make you all excited then!

Today CLAMP member Satsuki Igarashi posted a message in CLAMP-NET.COM where she mentioned being on a business dinner about a new project!



She didn’t give any further details about it but she said to be very excited and that an official announcement should be followed soon.

Quite foreshadowing, huh? Whatever it is, I’m already excited! Stay tuned everyone!

On another news, here is the cover for 20 Mensho ni Onegai!! for the CLAMP CLASSIC COLLECTION editions:

It will be released on March 03.

Kadokawa put up a hot site for the CLAMP CLASSIC COLLECTION editions, you can check the previous covers there.