HiGH&LOW g-sword color page, flash anime adaptation

The first chapter of CLAMP’s manga adaptation of HiGH&LOW, officially titled HiGH&LOW g-sword, will begin next week on Weekly Shonen Magazine #16, to be released on March 22.

The chapter will have a color page and we can see a preview of it below:

© HI-AX/LDH ASIA © CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

© HI-AX/LDH ASIA © CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

Source: @exabcexex

From the above picture, we also learn that the manga will get a flash animation adaptation to air on Nippon TV show Sukkiri! from March 27 to March 31.

Considering the two official main visuals for HiGH&LOW g-sword and the fact that it’s getting a flash animation, I think it’s safe to assume that this will be an all-chibi characters manga.

I don’t think what to think of it yet. I am a little disappointed since it looks like we won’t be seeing CLAMP’s gorgeous art at its finest — but I guess it makes sense when you take into account that this will be a weekly series and CLAMP are busy with Card Captor Sakura, it makes sense that they want to take things lightly.

The short-term flash animation also makes me question the length of this series. For now we will be getting five short flash anime episodes and then what? Looks like a weird schedule to me.


18 thoughts on “HiGH&LOW g-sword color page, flash anime adaptation

  1. I didn’t take your worries too seriously when you told me about the manga possibly ending being full of chibi characters…
    who knew it would actually happen for real @_@

    I don’t really feel like it makes their job any easier though, creating chibis is a whole job on its own; after this, CLAMP are going to be pros at chibi drawings ^^;

    And if it’s indeed about SD charas, the chances of it getting a full anime are really low, but it’s still a surprise to see they bothered to make flash animation, and so fast at that, it will be released just after the first chapter!

    I’m not too sure how to feel about it either, so for now: on hold!


    • This entire series looks really random. It’s the first serialized manga by CLAMP that is not 100% theirs, the first manga with all-chibi characters, and this flash anime is also random. But I guess it makes sense, being an all-chibi manga?

      I think it’s funny how they used the word “flash” since that program is pretty much dead by now.


      • But we’ve seen some concept art of non-chibi versions of the characters. As a fan of CLAMP and High&Low, I holding out hope that it’s not an all chibi thing. The sketches I saw looked so good, I really want to see those concepts used.


      • If it’s all chibi, I guess we won’t have a xxxholic chapter for a while. ~_~

        – It’s the first serialized manga by CLAMP that is not 100% theirs

        Technically, Rex Kyōryū Monogatari (adated from a movie) and Sohryuden (adapted from a novel of Yoshiki Tanaka), were both published in Asuka magazine before being released in a book format. Granted, they were released in 1994 and only lasted a volume (not even one for the unfinished Sohryuden), but still. XD

        I’m eager to see what they came with.


          • Normal, it’s a very minor work. XD

            I was wrong, it was published in the Mystery DX Magazine, not Asuka. The issues were January, February and March 1994. Three chapters published, 1 more was supposed to close the story, but was never produce.

            Technically, the series is compiled in Sohryuden Gengatsu, published in 2004. The book also includes the color and black and white illustrations of the 12 books plus everything produced by CLAMP for that novel series. Well everything but the illustrations of vol. 13, published in 2007.


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