XXXHOLiC Rei – Chapter 56 (Updated)

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© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

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English translations.

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Beautiful title page!

We see Watanuki talking things over with Doumeki and Mokona, about seeing Yuuko’s silhouette chocking the girl’s neck, and the fact that she said Yuuko’s name. Watanuki seems doubtful that it’s really Yuuko.

The girl seems to be staying over at the shop. She is wearing a kimono. Was it Yuuko’s kimono? It looks too small to be Yuuko’s. Or did Maru and Moro sewed it for the girl?

12 pages for this chapter. 58 pages for volume 5 so far. Next chapter doesn’t have a release date planned yet (not good), it will be announced in Young Magazine‘s site and CLAMP-NET.COM when the date is decided.



46 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC Rei – Chapter 56 (Updated)

  1. Translation is up!

    This was pretty formulaic for a HOLiC chapter. Watanuki and Doumeki discuss events over drinks, Mokona demands food, Watanuki storms out, Doumeki and Mokona have secret conversation, rinse, repeat. Throw in a cute young girl getting a free kimono and hair-styling, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for filler!

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    • Also, I’m weirded out by Watanuki’s attitude here. He seems to be more upset that Yuuko might be around without him knowing than at the idea of her, you know, killing people and looking for curse-slaves.


    • Thank you! It felt like nothing happened indeed.

      So Mokona sensed Yuuko’s scent from the girl… what the hell?!

      And what were Doumeki and Mokona talking about Watanuki not winning…?


      • And what were Doumeki and Mokona talking about Watanuki not winning…?

        I think the implication is either a) Yuuko is far too powerful for Watanuki to take on, or b) if it’s Yuuko, Watanuki ultimately isn’t going to want to stop her. But that’s another weird thing — I would have expected Mokona to say something like, “Yuuko would never do something like that!,” but here it seems as if Mokona and Doumeki are taking this situation for granted.

        Yuuko always had her shady side, but would she really be up to killing people and enslaving them?


        • Oh I see! They were talking about a possible combat between Watanuki and Yuuko… what the hell…

          Yeah, I guess we the fans are more convinced that this isn’t Yuuko than the characters ^^”


        • I had always taken her speech on the very first chapter of holic about killing someone having an unbearable weight ( and “not worthwhile”) as it meaning she wouldn’t do something like that, but looking back with that possibility in mind, perhaps she is speaking from experience…

          Rei is taking a very weird direction, I have no idea what’s going on anymore. I don’t want to believe Yuuko would do something like that either, but indeed as readers the only “Yuuko” we know is portrayed through Watanuki’s eyes and, to some extent Syaoran’s, but still. Either this is a very personal trap for Watanuki, or they’re trying to say that even though he’s given up everything for her sake, the truth is he doesn’t really know who she is, only what she was to him.


          • the truth is he doesn’t really know who she is, only what she was to him.
            That could be the case and it’s a very interesting theory. But there are other CLAMP characters that know her too. Sakura being one of them. So at least 3 CLAMP characters think fondly of Yuuko.

            I’m still reluctant in believing that this is Yuuko. I need more evidence. So far I’m still thinking that it’s a trap for Watanuki.

            PS: Your comment was waiting for moderation, that’s why it didn’t appear at first 😉 any future comments you make will appear immediately as long as you are logged in =) Welcome!


            • For all we know, the suspiciously non-suspicious Zashiki-warashi lookalike is the real trap in front of Watanuki, and “Yuuko” is trying to save him. (And Watanuki has invited the lookalike to live in his house for the time being! Dun-dun-duuuuun!)


              • True! It’s weird how Doumeki and Watanuki aren’t more wary of her…Watanuki said she’s a normal girl, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of them (her?) using some sort of concealing magic.

                Yeah, I just love playing devil’s advocate XD I don’t think that would suit our Yuuko either, since like you said, other Tsubasa and Clamp verse characters are in good terms with her – though no one knows her very well. Probably the ones that got closest to knowing her true self were Clow and Watanuki.

                Using both Yuuko’s and Zashiki-warashi’s images to get under Watanuki’s skin though…pretty low blow! I’m curious to see how the hell they’ll fit in the dragon egg and bird cage in that plot, or the crimson pearl for that matter.

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  2. If I remember well, in the OVA that Yuuko came back and send messages to Watanuki, she wasn’t behaving very nicely. She was possessed by the fox spirit (or something along those lines). And in this story also, we have a prospect to be the reincarnation of Yuuko and again, she is behaving very differently from the Yuuko we were used to. The Young Magazine in which xxxHOLiC is published is for young adults, not young boys like the Shounen Magazine publishing Tsubasa or Nakayoshi, aiming for young girls. So it doesn’t have to have a nice ending. Actually, having a young reincarnated Yuuko possessed by an evil spirit and hurting Watanuki or other characters wouldn’t be unthinkable having Nanase Ohkawa as the mastermind behind this. I mean, she did way worst in Rg Veda and Tokyo Babylon.

    And if we remember the first chapters of xxxHOLiC, the clients were more often dead than alive at the end of their stories. It can end very bloody if Ohkawa feels like it…

    And I kinda hope for it, we had too much happy endings from CLAMP in the last few years (well too little endings to be honest. XD)


    • Building on this, we only know Yuuko from when she was already dead, trapped with a mission by Clow. She also said a few that he was an annoying magician or something close in meaning. So, she could have been quite wild when Clow made her a curse slave. Mokona who should have been created around this period doesn’t seem surprise that she could do something like that, and he probably knows her best. There is only one further step to take to turn Yuuko into the new Taishakuten, will Ohkawa make the move? Or does she have something else in mind…


      • What in the world? Yuuko wasn’t Clow’s “curse-slave,” she was his partner while he was still alive. He accidentally froze her in time between life and death, but she was still a completely free being with her own will. He had absolutely no control over her.


      • this…. its as panicle says. clow never made yuko or anyone his curse slave. they worked together for the sake of multiple futures. yuko chose to out of her own free will.
        speaking of… i think there was a novel on this right? covering the time yuko and clow made the mokonas. is it only in japanese? if so is there anyone willing to translate it? ^^


    • But Mokona and Doumeki aren’t 100% sure that it’s really Yuuko, yet. Watanuki isn’t sure, either. CLAMP want us to have the same doubt but I refuse to think so yet considering the evidences that we have so far.

      It could be something along the lines you said, and I wouldn’t really mind as long as it makes perfect sense and doesn’t leave any plotholes or gets retconned. XXXHOLiC is in desperate need of some shift, it’s getting too boring.

      Well-reminded regarding the OAD. And it was written by Ohkawa so maybe we had some foreshadowing there?


      • Well, if It wasn’t for the OAD, I would just discard “killer Yuuko” as a doppelgänger trying to get rid of the Zashiki-Warashi doppelgänger to settle a doppelgänger feud. But I don’t know anymore where we are heading with this series. As you said, I’m hoping for some twist to make it more entertaining. ~_~


  3. Is it really Yuuko? Doumeki and Mokona seems to think there is very little room for her not to be. Is it our Yuuko or another world’s Yuuko? We saw another one at the beginning of xxxHolic Rei, in another world. Would she still be a dimension witch, even if she came from another world? If not, how did she cross? We’ll see.

    We had a chat years ago, chibiyuuto, where you proposed that Yuuko was a false name under which Ohkawa was hiding Hinoto and Kanoe’s sister. That could be and she could be closer to Kanoe’s personality, down to being willing to kill the entire mankind to reach her goals. Or maybe, just like Hinoto, Yuuko has a evil side which can take over from time to time.

    Although, as much as Doumeki and Mokona are worrying, Watanuki is still alive and well when Doumeki’s grand-son bring him grocery, so whatever happened, he will be fine in the end.

    On a final note, no Young Magazine number for the next chapter… xxxHolic is going on hiatus for the duration of HighxLow, I guess. T_T
    Ok, maybe we will have a chapter every few month instead of steadily at each month. HighxLow is better be worth it. ¬_¬

    P.S.: We are March 13th, I remind you that you own me a White Day picture tomorrow. ^_~


    • I think CLAMP want us to think that this is really Yuuko. They want us to wonder if it’s really her, but I still refuse to do so. I need more evidence before jumping to take conclusion, because that’s what they want their readers to believe and then they give us a big twist.

      It would be nice to have something along the lines you proposed, because XXXHOLiC is in need of a real shift. It’s getting way too boring.

      Ok, maybe we will have a chapter every few month instead of steadily at each month.
      Yeah, that’s what I think. We’re gonna get another chapter only in April, most likely.

      P.S.: We are March 13th, I remind you that you own me a White Day picture tomorrow. ^_~
      OMG I completely forgot about that! @_@


  4. (Unrelated to the plot because I don’t wanna jump to any conclusions about where this story is heading to, sorry)
    I should have noticed this months ago, but Watanuki looks like he’s wearing Vietnamese traditional Ao Dai. It looked rather nice.
    Sorry, I’m Vietnamese and I get excited when my culture is represented. *flies away*

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    • That’s really nice! Well-spotted =) I have a Vietnamese friend, she’ll be glad to know that. Her surname is also Nguyen 😉


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