First look at Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito, GATE7 news

This month’s issue of Newtype magazine will reveal the first official image of Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito:

The image features characters Hyuga Akito, who works for EU army, and his boss, Layla. More info can be found at this Code Geass community.

CLAMP is once again in charge for drawing the character designs concepts for the project.

Less than a month away for the official start of GATE7, the official website of JUMP SQ magazine informs that the first chapter will have 43 pages with color page(s). Plus, GATE7 will feature the magazine’s cover and an original good will be given away to 500 readers to celebrate the beginning of the serialization (more details on the next JUMP SQ issue).

It starts in the next issue of JUMP SQ, on sale February 4!


15 thoughts on “First look at Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito, GATE7 news

    • Yup, it’s confirmed. That’s the text announced by Newtype:



  1. The first time I read ‘500 goods’, I thought it would be 500 different ones and was going to argue it was just plain impossible aha~ But then the “given away” part entered in my field of vision and I realized it was the number of the same thing that would be distributed ^^;

    Thanks for the news about Gate 7!
    I wonder what they are going to do about it in France?
    In Animeland, they said that Shueisha wished to continue the simultaneous releases to fight off piracy, and that Kaze Manga got the Rights of Gate 7 already; as for what they’ll do exactly from that point, no idea…


    • hahahah maybe I should have written differently, like “an original good will be given away to 500 readers” 😉

      I wonder about France too, and USA and Korea (dead?). Maybe it’s too costy to release booklets like they did for the one-shot in Animeland?


  2. So exciiiiiiteeeeed for CG~
    (it better be good though, if it’s fan-milking I’ll be a sad fan D: )

    Gate7 in Animeland was awesome, Kaze Manga definitely has the funds to pull that off for best-seller authors like CLAMP. At worst, we’ll pay an extra Euro to have the booklet.


  3. I’m looking forwards for the newtype report.

    I can’t wait to see the cover and title page for Gate7’s chapter 1. The first color arts from chapter 0 reminded me of my good old X. Tsubasa’s famine is over at last. ^_^


  4. Funny, I thought that the new Code Geass manga had already started, probably confusing it with the other half dozen mangas it has. XD

    And does anyone know if the, erm, prologue for Gate 7 has come out in the US yet? I remember seeing a French fan post theirs and I remember the whole Dark Horse thing too, I just couldn’t remember if it was actually out here yet.


  5. ??

    code geass shikkoku no renya and code geass boukoku no akito. which one is the continuation of code geass? :S or are they two different stories?


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