Mouryou no Hako release date

MoonPhase reports that the anime Mouryou no Hako (with original character concept by CLAMP) will start its broadcast on October 7, on Nippon TV.

The anime will air weekly on Tuesdays, at 01:29 AM.

On another small note, since the end of last month, unless you’re logged in LiveJournal you will see advertisements even on Basic accounts, and that looked very bad on my until then current layout.

So I changed from S1 to S2, finally. I was gonna do it sooner or later, it was just a matter of doing it sooner than I expected xD The ads are still there for those who are logged off, but at least now they have a “room”. S2 is much better and more flexible.

This layout is very different from everything I’ve done before for this LJ, that means no CLAMP art at all xD I just wanted to change it quickly so it took me a couple of hours to do it.

I loved playing with CSS so I’m probably changing it again soon.

31 thoughts on “Mouryou no Hako release date

  1. Ahaha, great icon xD. So you’ve finally changed to s2, huh? I did it few months ago – my ads goes where you have a navigation bar when you’re logged in. I wonder if it’s possible to get Basic acount again? Some time ago lj disabled this option, so you have to pay or bear with ads D


    • I finally changed to S2. About time! And it’s just great, I wish I had done it earlier.

      Yes, you can shift back to basic account. I don’t remember the right link but do a search on their FAQ and you’ll find the link ^^

      Your current layout is very nice, by the way ^^


  2. Your new layout is so bright and clean! I miss the collage-like layouts of the past… It looks plain, but it’s still very nice and cheerful. Like… a glass of lemonade on a nice autumn day.


    • >I miss the collage-like layouts of the past…

      Thank you! That was one of my favorites. Ah, the memories xD

      Thanks for your compliments on my new layout, but I’ll be changing it again this weekend ^^””” Hope you also like the next one!


  3. Completely different from the old one. I like old one better though >.<

    The thing I like from this layout is the egg at the header. =^_^= My… it's cute. ~^_^~ *resist the urge to steal it and hide it in my room* :p


    • Indeed completely different. Sometimes I like to challenge myself like that xD

      >The thing I like from this layout is the egg at the header. =^_^=

      Yay, thanks! Lots of people liked the egg that I drew so carefully XD


  4. Great design! I’d love to know the coding for this one. I’ve tinkered with my layout many times before, but the layouts I truly want to emulate don’t offer codes I can learn from, and I don’t have time to learn from scratch.


  5. Sooo yellowww O.O. Congratulations for your new look!!! Although I miss the old collage art it’s always good to change your ‘outfit’ tokidoki XD. This beautiful yellow looks really fresh and optimistic =D !!
    As long as you don’t change your kind personality you can change your layout whenever you feel like to do so n___n

    p.s: the clamp egg rocks XD


    • >Sooo yellowww O.O. Congratulations for your new look!!!

      Thanks!!! New and almost old! I’m changing it AGAIN this coming weekend ^^””””

      Thanks for your kind words and compliments on this one and my past layout! Thanks a lot !

      >p.s: the clamp egg rocks XD

      Hahahahaha I had to do it XD


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