Mouryou no Hako release date

MoonPhase reports that the anime Mouryou no Hako (with original character concept by CLAMP) will start its broadcast on October 7, on Nippon TV.

The anime will air weekly on Tuesdays, at 01:29 AM.

On another small note, since the end of last month, unless you’re logged in LiveJournal you will see advertisements even on Basic accounts, and that looked very bad on my until then current layout.

So I changed from S1 to S2, finally. I was gonna do it sooner or later, it was just a matter of doing it sooner than I expected xD The ads are still there for those who are logged off, but at least now they have a “room”. S2 is much better and more flexible.

This layout is very different from everything I’ve done before for this LJ, that means no CLAMP art at all xD I just wanted to change it quickly so it took me a couple of hours to do it.

I loved playing with CSS so I’m probably changing it again soon.