CLAMP in CARDLAND Series 5 news

First of all, the package has been announced!

Click to enlarge it.


Looooved the illustration! Very similar characters sharing the same space xD Sakura looks very cute!

Did you all notice the mistake in the package? It says “Vol. 4” instead of “Vol. 5”.

Now information about the series itself.

This series will feature 14 CLAMP works and the new additions are CLOVER and ‘Suki. Dakara Suki’. There will be a total of 108 cards.

The Secret and Point cards’ illustrations together will form a single illustration, the same way it happened in Series 4. This time, however, the illustrations will have the winter as theme.

Furthermore, there will be a new card category named Parallel (which I assume is a derivation from the Super category) featuring “different versions” of popular characters.

CLAMP in CARDLAND Series 5 will be released in November.

Lastly, the official website of CLAMP in CARDLAND has some news from the CLAMP Talk Show to be held at the card game’s 2nd Official event.

The Tokyo session will be limited to 600 people and the Osaka one will be limited to 400 attendees. Both sessions will run for 30 minutes.

The two-days event will take place in Tokyo on November 23 and in Osaka on December 21.


27 thoughts on “CLAMP in CARDLAND Series 5 news

  1. OMG ! So cute ! Sakura-chan ! Kobato-chan !
    Furthermore, Fujimoto-san and Toya are so alike !
    Oh, I can only love it !
    Oh my !
    I’m so happy >_w<
    Thank you very much for sharing !


  2. ALFJAJHGAGHTUGVNBKJFDBVKDHFJGBAU!!! I want to buy it for that illustration!!! (and I normally have very little interest in trading cards)

    But, KOBATO-CHAN AND FUJIMOTO-KUN! And they’re sharing the image with Sakura-chan and Touya-kun! HEE!!!

    And, yeah, Touya and Fujimoto are pretty similar with their gruff, teasing (but secretly sweet and squishy) personalities. But not even SAKURA can be as innocent and naive as Kobato!



    He hasn’t had any color illustrations apart from that one color page in the manga, ajgfkshkld.

    Everyone looks so great, though, I love the pic!


  4. Fujimotoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*fangirls*
    i know is crazy, but this is like the second image of Fujimoto in color ,lol xDD
    lol ,Touya’s face….is touya right? ._.

    Thanks for the info!! :DD


  5. asdsflksm my first reaction was “OMG, FUJIMOTO COLOUR ILLUSTRATION! ♥”. :D; since, yknow, as mentioned above.. it’s his second colour one.

    Sakura and Kobato are so precious/adorable/squishy ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Much love for thisssss


  6. Olá, Chibiyuuto!
    Long time no see! :D/
    Just to say that the illustration is wonderful.
    Touya is adorable and Sakura looks so manga-ish that is fanstastic!
    Of course I love Kobato too!

    Thanks for the info!! 🙂


  7. Wow, that cover is awesome, and very intersting how they paired them, same big brother complex guys and same extremely innocent and I won’t tell more gilrs.

    Glad to se Fujimoto in color!


  8. I love the illustration, it’s so cute! The members of the Full Time Part-Timers’ Club unite! And Kobato and Sakura look like sisters. ^^

    Great new layout by the way. Your graphic designing skills have come far…


  9. omg, that’s the cutest CLAMP picture I’ve seen in a long time. I always thought Kobato looks like Sakura’s older sister. 🙂 Thanks for the posting! And love the new layout–it’s very organized-looking. But I sorta miss Okiura.


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