New layout!

And this one will stay! xD

The previous one stayed for only 3 days, but as I was building it I knew it wouldn’t stay for long, I just wanted to change it quickly, and also learn how to work with S2.

I finally figured out the wonders of what S2 and CSS can do together, it’s amazing and much more flexible to work with them, I wish I had changed it earlier (but even if I wanted I wouldn’t have the time).

Another good thing of working with this new design architecture is that I don’t have to worry about making wallpapers anymore (it was too much space to fill, honestly xD). Working with banners opens whole new design possibilities and I’m already having different and challenging ideas for my future layouts.

I chose this Tsubasa picture basically because of two reasons. The first reason is that I really like this illustration, I intended to use the Syaoran from this picture on my confessions on a dance floor Tsubasa layout xD But as I know I ended up not using it. The other reason is that this was the first Tsubasa illustration released to the public right after the series was announced, and since we are reaching the end of it after these 5 long years, there’s this nostalgic feeling around it.

Despite of being the very first Tsubasa illustration released to the public, it’s amazing how the art style hasn’t changed at all. If you look at the early illustrations of CCS or Rayearth, for example, and compare them to latter ones, you’ll notice significants improvements in CLAMP’s art. That doesn’t seem to be the case here.

I know there isn’t anything extraordinary in this layout, but again, due to time issues I wasn’t able to do anything extraordinary xD I promise, though, that I will push the edge further on my next layout.

The layout is not the only news today, from this day on I’m launching a new feature that I have developed, the CLAMP Widget, or whatever you would like to call it xD

This little flash application is placed on a fixed post on my livejournal and it shows the upcoming CLAMP releases (merchandises, events, media appearances etc) and the manga schedule for their current series, as a quick way of checking what’s coming next from CLAMP. The design was strongly based on CLAMP-NET.COM’s current design, as you could possibly have noticed.

You can also incorporate it into your own blog, website or anywhere else you might want to add it, and the information on it will be automatically updated from whenever you have placed it.

So browse around, welcome to this new chapter of my livejournal, always aiming to keep you up-to-date about CLAMP and their activities.

78 thoughts on “New layout!

  1. I’m glad to be the first one congratulating you for your new layout, it’s awesome! 😀
    And the ‘CLAMP Widget’ you created is plain amazing! x__x You are really good with coding!!!


  2. Thank you a lot Kiki-chan. I saw your huge Sakura staff, that is so WOW xD Congratulations!

    >Haha, I still love that little Syaoran wallpaper-thingum, too. :’D

    THANKS! I love that layout too! Just imagine Syaoran dancing Every little thing that you say or do, I’m hung up! I’m hung up on you~

    It matches perfectly xD

    By the way, I gotta tell you, Syaoran is such a great icon-model.


  3. Your designing prowess has come far. ^^ The new layout looks very refreshing and elegant. But I’m going to miss those collage-like backgrounds… XD

    The widget is cool, but I think it might be better for wider screens… it keeps pushing the content section way down on my computer and leaving a giant gap from the header.


  4. O_o Wuoh~~~ Cool widgets! ^_^ That’s the best part of this new layout! ^___^ It’s awesome! :DDD I like it very much! =^_^=

    I don’t know how to say it, though this is your new technique using S2 + CSS, but I feel the same vibration with your old journal layout. 😀


    • Thanks ! Glad you liked it, I made it for you guys ^^

      >but I feel the same vibration with your old journal layout. 😀

      That’s a good thing, right? XD It’s different but the same xD


  5. WOW~~ You new layout is SO amazing!! ^O^ Especially with the little “update” news section right at the top!! Very convenient,good references and very neat features!! ^___^ You are truly living your reputation as “Chibiyuuto: The key informational person for MOST UPDATED news and releases about CLAMP”.

    You designing and programming skill are amazing!!


    • Thank you for the compliments ^___^ You’ll make me blush like that xD *embarrassed*

      I’m just doing the best I can keep people interested in reading my LJ ^^”

      Thank you again for the kind words, I’m flattered ^__^


  6. Great layout, simple but nice.

    The widget is made of win! Just a curiosity: how do you fetch the data for the releases? Do you put them in the .fla and regenerate the .swf everytime there is an update?


    • Thank you Shinigami-san! *bows* ^__^

      >how do you fetch the data for the releases? Do you put them in the .fla and regenerate the .swf everytime there is an update?

      I would go nuts if that was the case xD The trick is read an external HTML file. All I have to do is to update the files and the swf will automatically update by extent. In other words I don’t need to have flash installed in order to update it, just a notepad and an internet connection xD


  7. Congratulations for your new layout! I have only made a couple of comments through the years, but I have been a fan of your livejournal for a long time. The new layout looks very neat and professional, and the widget is really cute and useful.
    PD: I miss your comments on TRC and XXXholic chapters.


    • Thank you maru-san for reading my journal all this time *bows* ^__^

      >PD: I miss your comments on TRC and XXXholic chapters.

      Ohh thanks! I miss them too! I will try to find more time to get back to those ^^


  8. Very clean and nice layout (I did love the yellow one though bye bye nice winged egg XD)

    The widget _is_ wicked cool. I might do something like that for my tv show viewing schedule.


    • >bye bye nice winged egg XD


      Glad you liked the widget! XD

      >I might do something like that for my tv show viewing schedule.

      It could be very useful! If you need any help just let me know ^^


  9. I know you’ll go “O__O” at me, but can I express here all my compliments to you for this neat new layout and the amazing widget? Your skills improved a lot, and that thingy is so useful!! No more going crazy to check if a new chapter is coming out or not, hehe! I was impressed, and if I’m writing it here you know I MEAN it! XD chuuu!
    P.s. indeed that illustration puts a great amount of nostalgia on me, we’re reaching the end..


  10. WOW!!!

    Wow!! you absolutely changed your webpage. I’m still used to the previous one, but I hope I get used to this one really fast. I have to admit that it has style.
    I actually like it more that the first one. Seems more mature, more formal, more elegant.
    I previous one you put before this, a couple of days ago, in yellow seemed to childish. In some way I’m glad you changed it before this one is better.
    One of the differences I notice also between this modern version and the first one is that the wallpaper is about Tsubasa now(which I love) instead of Sayaka from Kobato. So the change is better!
    Even though the changes, the webpage is the best so I will continued visiting it for sure…


  11. The new layout seems so professionnal, it’s amazing.
    It is the official CLAMP fan blog ♥
    And the CLAMP Widget…you’re a genius ?
    So I’ll look for your site more than ever !
    Great job ! Very cool !


  12. *O* the layout is awesome, i love it because it’s simple and clean but it looks good, and i love the colors too XD, i thins it was a good idea to change to this format, and the widget it’s awesome too, thanks for offering it to everyone, definately there’s no other way to keep us updated 😀 thank you chibiyuuto chan n_n


  13. i love it chibiyuuto sama!!!
    i’m comeback from the ill and very busy island!!

    i can ask you how one possible change it into spanish??? is possible???
    the events one at least???
    i love to have it!!! can i??


    • Thank you for the compliments!
      Were you ill? Are you alright?

      A Spanish version? Hummm.. Right now I can’t do it =/ But maybe in a 2.0 version? xD

      Thanks for your imput! More suggestions are welcome!


      • in the event will be very good if you can teach me to change it i can do it in spanish, about the shedule is not important

        yes i was very ill for the past 4 months i been diagnosticated with high blood pressre, hypothidoisdm, plus my diabetes, so i had a really bad time, now i have new medication working at last and i’m better, but i hate takeing so many pills for my entire life!!

        but is better that than die so i take the meds


        • Oh I’m so sorry to hear about your illness, I hope you get better =/ Indeed it’s much better to take the medication, even though it must be painful to do so.

          >you can teach me to change it i can do it in spanish

          It’s not that simple xD I would have to add a few new code lines, maybe in a 2.0 version xD


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