CLAMP Internet Radio #48 & #49 (final)

First of all, thank you very much for the positive feedback on my new layout, it really means a lot to me ^__^

Today I’m bringing the final two episodes of CLAMP’s Internet Radio show, Komugikotoride no Yonshimin.

I’m not going to write any summaries for these ones, since they both are basically “summary” episodes.

In #48 they summarize all 17 guests that appeared on the show during its two-years run, making remarks about each one of them.

In #49 they look back at the last two years pointing out some highlights such as CLAMP’s visit to the USA and Korea, the Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations screening and New Year’s events, Mokona’s birthday party etc.

Near the very end of the last episode I think they were talking about their future ambitions. Satsuki said she wants to draw the end of Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC and also be able to dance (she’s been taking classes recently). Mokona, also, said she wants to draw the end of Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC “very quickly”, she said something about her room but I didn’t understand (maybe she needs some free space? XD). Ohkawa too said the same about Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC but she also said, if I’m not mistaken, that she would like to write the script for a TV Drama? That would be the coolest thing ever. Could you confirm that to me, if possible, clstmk-san? Or anyone else that’s willing to give me some light xD

The final episode is the longest of all with nearly one hour.

Komugikotoride no Yonshimin #48 (right click -> Save Target As…)

Size: 70 MB.
File type: MP3 – 192 Kbps.
Running time: 51 minutes.

Komugikotoride no Yonshimin #49 (final) (right click -> Save Target As…)

Size: 77 MB.
File type: MP3 – 192 Kbps.
Running time: 56 minutes.

I would like to thank everybody who downloaded these and to those who have contributed with translations. A very special thanks to Yoshiyuki, without whom I wouldn’t be able to share these. Thank you!

Now I’m gonna save those 49 episodes and one day I shall listen to each one of them again and hopefully I’ll be able to understand everything xD

You can download all previously released episodes in this link.

One last treat for today, I was able to snag a cleaned version of Newtype #9 cover with Code Geass from Kadokawa’s website:

Click to enlarge it.

I swear this will be the last post I make about this illustration (that’s the third time I’m posting it xD)

30 thoughts on “CLAMP Internet Radio #48 & #49 (final)

  1. I love this illustration everytime I see it *-*. But now that I’ve stared at it for the 4th time, I’ve realized that the thing that is covering CC’s chest is very very… err… not covering it xD. And Lelouch has another claw thing, hehe.

    Thanks for sharing, as always 😀


  2. Ohkawa writing a TV drama? I would love to see that. Were she to do one, I would hope it would be stay in the confines of realism and not tromp off to supernatural stuff like xxxHOLiC or THE END OF THE WORLD like X. As great as those things are, I don’t think their subject matter fare too well in dramas.


    • >Ohkawa writing a TV drama? I would love to see that.

      Me too! *-* It would be a new challenge for her, as a writer, and something else to make us excited about, as fans xD

      I think she would have to make something of the likes of Nana, which is appropriated for liveaction. Fantasy stories wouldn’t work well ^^;


  3. Hi!
    Just to thank you for the Flash Clamp news object,
    and tell you our Clamp fansub’s forum will be using it ^-^
    Also, thanks for all the news and clamp related things you post.



  4. It’s a pity that I don’t understand a single word that they say. But in any case I’ve downloaded all episodes. Thanks chibiyuuto for this – you are really great!!!


  5. Hah, if a picture is pretty no one will care if you make an entire journal post devoted to it, you could do far worse than that. Although, after everyone pointed it out, I’m really wondering why C.C. is wearing such a shanky outfit…


  6. What, it’s over now? ;.;
    ohoho, I downloaded them all when you posted them~ Thank you so much for sharing all those with us 😀

    And I’m sorry I haven’t commented much lately, just didn’t find the time to catch up > >


  7. They also talked about releasing older another Syaoran who just came out from the chamber for CLAMP in 3D land. (not sure)

    Mokona want to clean her room because there’s too much cloths (might be including kimono). And you’re right about she needs more space.

    You’re correct about Ohkawa wanting to wrote TV Drama.


  8. thanks for the 49 radio shows!! you and Yoshiyuki san are the best and the pic is awesome i can’t take my eyes of it either

    but i hate the last episode (22) why Lelouch could do something so stupid like take all the world against him???


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