Newtype #10 preview: Mouryou no Hako feature

Here’s a preview of the Mouryou no Hako feature from the upcoming issue of Newtype magazine, which will be out tomorrow, revealing CLAMP’s original character concept for the series:

Click to enlarge it.

Source: 2ch.

Very nice, I hope we get to see the entire thing. Nekoi is definitely in charge of the male characters, and I think Mokona is in charge for the female ones (like XXXHOLiC).

The article also announced the cast list, it’s huge and can be checked here.

Furthermore, according to the magazine, the official website of the anime is but it is still unavailable as of now. It’ll probably launch tomorrow once the magazine is officially on sale.

10 thoughts on “Newtype #10 preview: Mouryou no Hako feature

  1. asdksaj so pretty *O*
    I read the first chapter of the manga and it’s a creepy mysterious type of story. I don’t dislike the drawing in the manga but clamp’s character design is far more attractive. I hope it will fit the story very well 😀
    Can’t wait for the first episode ^^


    • You’re not the only one xD Those sketches are so GD, so Nekoi xD

      >PS: Good cast!

      I haven’t quite scanned the list yet, it’s too big xD But if you say it’s a good cast, I believe you xD


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