Mouryou no Hako #1 RAW

Mouryou no Hako premiered today in Japan, and you can get the raw of the first episode here.

The anime has character design concepts made by CLAMP.

I’m not going to make weekly posts when new episodes for this series are out. So if you’re interested in it, you can search weekly for raws and subbed versions via TokyoTosho.

I watched the first episode and my first impression was very positive, I still must check the subbed version when it’s released to get familiar with the story, but I really enjoyed the atmosphere and mood, and CLAMP’s design in Madhouse’s animation is always so nice to see (but I do think the two girls’ hair look a bit weird xD). Great, great animation.

11 thoughts on “Mouryou no Hako #1 RAW

  1. Ho~? Shall I add this to my list of anime-I-should-get-around-to-watching-once-I-actually-have-some-time? xD This list is dangerously getting longer. ^^” Thanks for the update ChibiYuuto-nii.


  2. ….WOW. This is so lovely art… So nice compared to the last few series…. >.>;;;

    and it looks mysterious too~~

    and the ‘limp hand’ bit and the ‘dead-smile’ were slightly creepy >.>;;; As was the ending… But then, I’m a wimp on scary things. hahaha ^^


  3. I’m waiting for this anime , but i’ve been hearing there’s a yuri or shojo ai relation thing, is that true? i love the character desings they look so holic XDD CLAMP ftw!!

    Thanks 4 the link chibiyuuto πŸ˜€


    • I just finished watching it and omg~ I hate horror T.T

      It’s apparently a reincarnation relationship, if the girl dies, she becomes the other girl and when she dies she resort back to the first girl and so on and so on… they existed together because they ignore the rules of time and… something, I think it was space. And eventually I think the long haired girl is going to kill the braided girl.

      I don’t really get it either.


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