CLAMP (Mokona) x Yukana-san Collaboration Project

Newtype magazine is only on sale tomorrow but scans from the CLAMP x Yukana (C.C.’s seiyuu in Code Geass) collaboration project have leaked:

Click on it to go to the source.

Thank you to clamp_now for the link.

The illustration is mirrored with Yukana’s beautiful photograph, on the other page (which one was based on which?):

Click to enlarge it.

Another beautiful illustration by CLAMP for Code Geass, hopefully it’ll be included in the upcoming artbook. And for the first time in years they specified who drew it (Mokona) and who painted it (Nekoi).


17 thoughts on “CLAMP (Mokona) x Yukana-san Collaboration Project

  1. Thanks chibiyuuto!!
    amagosh—its brilliantly beautiful–CC is *___________*
    i would do anything to have my hands on that issue T___T
    its so rare to find CLAMP illustrated books in Aust…very limited and VERY expensive T___T


  2. Beautiful picture!

    Btw, it says that the CLAMP picture came after the photo. On the bottom left of the picture it says “CLAMP, Mokona-sama, Yukana yori”. “Yori” means “from”. 🙂


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