Complementing my previous post, here is I LOVE GUNDAM Vol. 1, featuring CLAMP, from the latest Newtype magazine:

Click on it to go to the source.

Credits for scanning go to suemura. Thank you Aurelia for letting me know about it!

38 thoughts on “I LOVE GUNDAM

    • I know nothing of Gundam, so you’re not alone xD

      >But *squee~* it’s amazing how you can get a completely traditional illustration and a completely futuristic one from the same people. *o*

      CLAMP is amazing like that *squee* xD


  1. Hi, Aurelia here.

    Scan credit should go to suemura of AnimePaper. I just uploaded it to Moe Imouto so people wouldn’t have to pay anything to get it.


  2. *blink*

    Sakura just gets to pull of the Cosplay all over the place. From emo, to gundam, to princess, the thief….Tomoyo must be pleased

    You’re not alone in the lack of gundam knowledge though…


  3. seen lots of CLAMP pics never really loved them but this is teh first time that i completely hate the picture. Overall its Ok but Sakuras expression makes me sick. Since when does CLAMP want to promote themselves with “normal” loli like moe that i find it super ugly as well?! Just can’t stand it. Not a fan but never though i’d live a day when i’d actually hate them for a moment – i guess i just did -.-;;


  4. My my Clamp! Aren’t we being unfair? What about making an illustration for the 30th years of Gundam but not the 25th anniversary of Macross? πŸ˜›
    Seeing Sakura cosplaying as a songstress would have been cute ^^ But a lot less original then a cosmonaut’s suit, that’s for sure! πŸ˜€
    Thanks for sharing with us! ^^

    Did you see the preview picture of the upcoming CG artbook posted by nokiirat? It really has an overwhelming X feeling to it ^^;;


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