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The news keep coming, those ladies never stop!

• Mouryou no Hako:

Apart from Mainichi’s article that I posted yesterday, My Com Journal has their article about Mouryou no Hako‘s anime adaptation, they also have a few character settei and their version is bigger and better.

The repercussion of Mouryou no Hako anime announcement and the fact that CLAMP is taking charge of the character concept so far has been big on the media, with CLAMP’s name appearing on the headlines, and from what I can tell, the news has been very well-accepted by the general public.

• CLAMP draws the next Newtype cover:

The NEWS BOARD section of CLAMP-NET.COM reports that the September issue of Newtype magazine (on sale on August 9) will have its cover drawn by CLAMP, featuring a Code Geass R2 illustration.

In addition, the magazine will feature a long interview with Mokona about Code Geass R2 and a CLAMP in CARDLAND Newtype Original Card will be included in the magazine as an appendix. The card illustration will be drawn by CLAMP, too (I’m assuming it will have the same illustration as the cover).

20 thoughts on “More news

  1. That’s so amazing. I just hope they do not exhaust themselves. They’ve got so much work these few weeks. I hope the Newtype cover will feature ROLO. Haha.


  2. ZOMG *0* tehy’re gorgeous, it’s awesome the way CLAMP create new characters from scratch, and always so original.

    Yey!! and a new illustration. Thanks somuch for the news chibiyuutochan πŸ˜€


    • >it’s awesome the way CLAMP create new characters from scratch, and always so original.

      WORD on that! I don’t know where all those characters come from! And they are always different from the other. Surely we have characters that may look like another character, but there’s ALWAYS at least one difference between them, it’s amazing.


  3. Oh wow! Newtype cover! (Every time I’m upset with the breaks between the Holic chapters, I have to remind myself that they’re killing themselves with all this work!)


  4. As much as I love Code Geass I was sort of hoping that when you said that they’d be drawing the Newtype cover that it would be of Kobato. We’ve been sorely lacking colored pages lately. 8(


    • Ooh tell me about it! Our last color “page” was in Drop. 6. Then we had the cover of Newtype with Kobato in the snow, which later became the cover of vol. 2.

      I wonder if they’ll always use Newtype covers for the tankoubon covers. If so, then Kobato. should appear again soon.


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