Mouryou no Hako settei sheets

Mainichi has an article about Mouryou no Hako‘s upcoming anime adaptation with a gallery showing the anime’s character settei sheets.

Notice that these (and also the ones previously posted) are MADHOUSE’s sheets, the characters have been adapted by the anime character designer, we have yet to see CLAMP’s original sketches of the characters.

Looks so nice~!

The anime still doesn’t have a release date.

11 thoughts on “Mouryou no Hako settei sheets

    • I like the Kimono lady too! And the glasses guy (that’s why I put them in that image xD).

      >and surprisingly, in my opinion the man in top right hand corner doesn’t look quite Clamp-ish…=P

      You think? Yeah, he’s quite different, he looks very Production IG. But then again, I remember the first time I saw Gouhou Drug and was very surprised too. Nekoi (CLAMP) always surprises us =)

      I missed you xD


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