CLAMP Internet Radio #45

– Mokona starts apologizing for something that I couldn’t understand.

– Nekoi reads an e-mail sent by a listener asking CLAMP their alcohol recommendations. Mokona recommends champagne, couldn’t understand the others’ recommendations.

– Talk about Mokona’s birthday party on June 16, the Mokona-chan’s Birthday Party. It was divided in two parts, Ohkawa was the hostess for both of them. Lots of flowers were used for the decoration. Kinya sang Aerial in the first part of the party.

What I can tell you is that this was a huge party, some of the guests I could pick up include:

Inada Tetsu (Kurogane’s seiyuu).
Koume (singer, model of the Okimono Kimono book).
Kikuchi Mika (Mokona’s seiyuu).
Yui Makino (Sakura’s seiyuu).
Kinya (singer).
Mihara Ichirou (ARIKA game producer).
Akira Yasuda (game and character designer).
Tsutomu Mizushima (XXXHOLiC director).
Among others…

A few pictures from the party from Mokona’s Private Board:

A few pictures taken from Yui Makino’s blog:

^ LOL at the belly dancer entertaining the guests xD Yay for party pictures xD

– Near the end of the show a listener asked about Mokona (the mascot)’s shape, Nekoi talks a bit of her inspiration (an egg?) on creating Mokona.

Komugikotoride no Yonshimin #45 (right click -> Save Target As…)

Size: 55 MB.
File type: MP3 – 192 Kbps.
Running time: 40 minutes.

14 thoughts on “CLAMP Internet Radio #45

  1. >Oh so many guests!

    Indeed, and I’m sure there are a lot of people missing, plus her friends and family. I heard them talking about Irino… but I wasn’t sure if he was in the party or if they were just randomly talking about him ^^”

    You’re welcome as always =)


  2. Awww.. i love Mokona, she seems to ve very kind and shy person :3 i love the pics, i guess that was a great party with a lot of guests.
    Thank you chibiyuutochan n_n


  3. Aww, Mokona’s birthday is a day before mine T_T I would have some drawings in my board as she, with my favorite characters. u.u I add to my friends now, I think I did it before, because your blog is so, so, so interesting and have a lot of news about CLAMP.

    (Sorry if my english is so bad, I have to practice more, I mean, I understand many stuff and news that I can only read in english)


    • Hello dolcecapella-san! ^^ Nice to meet you and thanks for reading and now adding me to your friends, I really appreciate your compliments!

      So great that your birthday is near Mokona’s. I like my birthday, but it’s not near of any of the 4 of them xDDD

      >I would have some drawings in my board as she, with my favorite characters

      I loved that kind of decoration too!

      And don’t worry about your english, we’re all learning in here ^^


  4. Thanks for sharing !

    Nekoi has been inspired by an egg for Mokona…it makes sens, because the egg is in a lot of civilisations the symbol of the origin and/or the mystery.
    It matches very well with the character of Mokona in MKR !
    * sorry it reminds me my history of art lessons *


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