CLAMP x Washizu collaboration

This latest issue of Kindai Mahjong Original has an announcement stating that CLAMP will draw a short comic based on the manga Washizu ~Enma no Touhai~ (ワシズ―閻魔の闘牌―) in its September issue.

The announcement says that this is a “dream collaboration“, marking CLAMP’s first contribution to Kindai Mahjong Original magazine.

Kindai Mahjong Original is a magazine derived from Kindai Mahjong, which CLAMP also drew a short comic for in December of 2006.

Washizu is a spin-off manga of Akagi, it is drawn by Keichiirou Hara in collaboration with Akagi creator, Nobuyuki Fukumoto. Washizu is currently on its second chapter.

The September issue of Kindai Mahjong Original, with CLAMP’s short comic, will be released on August 8.

I’m curious about this, of course, but I think it’ll be hard to find any scans of this. Kindai Mahjong is not a very known magazine, its spin-off magazine must be even less known. Let’s hope for the best, though! ^__^


27 thoughts on “CLAMP x Washizu collaboration

  1. I…have mixed feelings actually…
    While I deeply enjoy seeing more Clamp works/arts in many and different ways, like it’s been the case lately, but isn’t it a bit much?

    Shouldn’t they give their best to what they have at hand better then divide their efforts and attentions to more things then they can handle?
    I know they are all workaholics women, but better then endless breaks in mangas releases or getting a manga plots stir out indefinitely while they work on something else, shouldn’t they calm down a bit?

    To put it more simply, I think they should slow down.

    Even the fans can’t follow them anymore and get everything they are making! So now they would have to choose what to buy, and abandon the rest…and bad selling is no good, and fans not knowing where to look and feeling overwhelmed by a sea of endless goodies and comics is no good either.
    You said it: one ugly chain reaction.


    • Well, I see your point, but I don’t think these collaborations and parallel projects are actually preventing them from working in their current series like they should.

      We know XXXHOLiC’s situation is because of Tsubasa, it has far less material than Tsubasa and they are supposed to end together or at least close to each other, so XXXHOLiC’s pace must be slower.

      As for Tsubasa, yeah, it’s been quite unsteady this past month, but I have a feeling that now it’ll go at one go. I mean, if that announcement is more OADs, we’ll have Tsubasa’s schedule for the next two or three volumes, and CLAMP will HAVE to work accordingly. I think they might have took a “rest” knowing what would come later. But you know by “rest” they weren’t really “resting”, but working on these parallel projects.

      Besides, this is a short comic, I don’t think it must have took them too much work to do it.

      I don’t know if I convinced you just a little XDDD I just love when they do new things ^__^

      Overall, I think you shouldn’t worry. I do agree that it’s hard to keep track of their doings. I know that VERY well XD


  2. And my shameful self forgot to say huge thanks to you for always providing such up-to-date and interesting infos about Clampverse!

    What would we do without you! 😀


      • They are a “that”
        it amazes me that a lot of people DO know about clamp and just don’t notice it. My mom surprised me with actually remember certain details from Cardcaptor Sakura after not seeing it for about 8 years and only seeing a couple episodes XD


        • Indeed, it’s great that they are working in different fields, trying different things, they are getting more and more recognized as renowned artists.

          Trying new collaborations, designing characters for original animes, all that is very good for them ^^


  3. accept for raws that will definitely appear on internet (since its CLAMP we’re talking about -.-) its not entirely hopeless regarding translation
    Both Akagi and sequel story Ten are being scanlaited so i bet Washizu will get there sooner or later as well.


    • I hope you’re right!

      We do had scanlations for the Kindai Mahjong short comic, but the magazine isn’t as easy to find as, say, shonen magazine xD But if you’re saying that are groups interested in Akagi and it’s spin-offs, that gets my hopes higher ^^


      • well even if you do not count on scanlaitors i’m sure that some fan translations will pop out.
        If i was crazy enough to buy latest 3 Comic Blade magazines and payed 3 times as much for shipping and costume fees than usually just because Chorno Nanae’s name was mentioned (eee yeah she’s more like my no. 1 choice XD), i’m sure there are just as crazy people about CLAMP that will be prepared to buy magazine and/or scan it and/or translate it XD.


        • I hope you’re right =) I’ve seen lots of magazines that never got scanned, but I know most of them are! (thank god!)

          I’m just saying that we shouldn’t get our hopes HIGH, but it is also very possible, of course ^__^


  4. One of my friends researches mahjong, he loves Kindai Mahjong (he was actually interviewed for it and turned into a manga character himself for it last year).

    It’s not hard to find, I was able to get it in the nearest combini. Hee hee, this will be cool.


    • >he was actually interviewed for it and turned into a manga character himself for it last year

      Really? XD Sounds awesome!

      >It’s not hard to find, I was able to get it in the nearest combini.

      Oh that’s very good to know! But this is Kindai Mahjong Original, have you ever seen it?


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