Mouryou no Hako news

This month’s issue of Newtype magazine, out August 9, has some news about Mouryou no Hako, the anime adaptation from the homonymous novel with character concept by CLAMP.

The anime will start in October/2008 and will be aired in Nippon TV.

The Opening theme song will be called Lost in Blue and the Ending theme will be called NAKED LOVE, both to be performed by the band Nightmare.

The single will be out September 17 in several editions, check the covers at the band’s official website. At the moment the single’s tracklist doesn’t include the song NAKED LOVE, but the source reports that both songs will be performed by Nightmare (who also performed for the Death Note anime).

Source: MoonPhase.

Two months away to begin the broadcast! I’ll be looking forward to it. I think a J-rock band is a good pick for this kind of anime, even though I don’t know Nightmare’s music.

Lastly, here‘s the cover of this month’s Kindai Mahjong Original magazine, which features a one-shot manga drawn by CLAMP about the manga Washizu. From what I could understand, the one-shot comes in an appendix.

The magazine is out tomorrow.

20 thoughts on “Mouryou no Hako news

  1. ToT omg, I love Nightmare, you should listen to them Chibi Yuuto-san *-*
    anyways, i allways keep track of you journal, i really like it *-* (there should be a journal for your fans u_ú or is it allready one? o.o)
    When those Nightmare tracks are out, will you upload them?? *-* i want to see this Clamp work of that book, looks interesting to me.
    Anyways, thanks for the news, keep like that Chibi Yuuto-san *-*



    • Thanks for the compliments on my livejournal, I really appreciate them! Thanks for reading it also *bows*

      I will listen to the OP and ED of Mouryou no Hako so I’ll definitely listen to Nightmare’s sound, I’m not much into J-Rock but I can’t tell if I’m gonna like it until I listen to them ^^


  2. Sweet, more excuse to buy Newtype (as if I ever need one, ha ha). Although, “Nightmare” did the RxJ EP, right? I was not the biggest fan ever of that… But watching Clamp-designed anime led me to Code Geass, which I say means that I haven’t been steered wrong.

    I’m going to go buy that magazine (Kindai Majong original) tomorrow.


  3. Thanks 4 the news chibiyuuto chan n_n im really excited to watch this new anime, i don’t know why XDDD and if Nightmare is on the op and ending it’s even greater *0*.


  4. Clamp + Madhouse + Nightmare = XD

    Can’t wait till october, this series is so made of awesome! I won’t feel too depresed when Code Geass R2 will be finished.

    For those who don’t know neither death note nor Nightmare, just check what Madhouse + Nightmare can do, then add Clamp desing to the result. ^_~

    Thanks for the news as always, Chibiyuuto. ^_^


  5. ahhhh nightmare, they’re visual kei band that also did the songs for death note, so they’re kind of scary and also not that pretty for a VK group… >___<
    thanks for the info!!!


  6. OMG…
    This…is CCS|Syaoran holding Sakura in his arms with Kero hovering over them, right next to Hana from Gate7 @__@
    It’s been so many YEARS since Clamp last drew him!! The last picture of him was on the cover of the 1st set of Clamp in 3D land box (november 2006) and before that…well, the CCS years, in 1999/2000. For whatever reason, they really don’t wanna draw him at all, they grace us with a single illustration of him every 5 years ^^;

    Thanks for all the news and pics, I’m most definitely looking forward learning more about this event ^^ *and seeing a bigger version of that pic!*


  7. I seriously LOVED the last two episodes of Blood C. It was like a horribly gory version of the Truman Show! I don’t usually like gore, but for some reason I cheer like a Roman emperor at a gladiator match over the maulings in Blood-C! I laughed so hard when all those mutant bunnies were shoving people into their arm-bags and using the hands like giant blenders! Human smoothies! Yum! XD

    But I have the same frustration as you in that I felt that the pacing of the plot was the thing that dragged the series down the most. Also, the characters could easily have been given more depth and interest without detracting from the final reveal. Everyone could have retained their everyday cuteness without being such generic tropes. In fact, I would have liked to have seen the characters acting a little more ‘stepford wives’ like they did in the Truman Show, so that we got the odd feeling that something was a little off with the town in the beginning.

    My love for ‘Nono & Nene’ skyrocketed though! Wow, those two are such bad girls! And I loved how everything we were picking out as ridiculous about the series; the unbelievable uniforms, how old Yūka looked compared to the others, Tokizane’s cliche badboy personality, was laughed about by characters in the end. I felt a bit stupid for criticising them instead of picking them up as the clues they were intended to be!

    Overall, Blood-C COULD have been awesome, but it failed to deliver in a lot of areas. A shame, but i can’t say I didn’t enjoy the series, because I did. I give it 8/10 for concept, 4/10 for execution. Looking forward to the uncensored version though.


  8. I like the cover of the Blood-C official Complete Book, Saya reminds me of Arashi ♥♥
    I can’t wait to see the cover of Gate 7 #2 !!!


  9. I have no words for how happy seeing this series continued makes me. I agree with you about the art; the boys still look pretty but it doesn’t make me look again the way the older style did.

    Still, I’m ecstatic to have these boys back again. I can’t wait for the first proper chapter!


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