Newtype 9 cover

Here’s the cover of Newtype magazine September issue (out 08/09) with illustration drawn by CLAMP.

Unconditionally pretty! Surely other versions with higher resolutions are bound to appear later ^^

The magazine will also come with a special CLAMP in CARDLAND card featuring the same illustration.


32 thoughts on “Newtype 9 cover

    • My jaw dropped too!!! Simply stunning!!

      >CC looks very much like Yuuko with that expression.
      Not just that expression!! But her dress too!!! SO many butterflies~~

      Lelouch look somehow different~~ Despite facing so many obstacles in the anime, he looked confident!!! *drools* He looks like a masked thief… XDDD

      Thanks a lot!!! Chibi Yuuto SAMA!! *continues fangirling*


  1. So beautiful!

    I can also see that being Watanuki and Yuuko for some reason. C.C. especially looks very much like Yuuko, like gatekeepers_21 said. Plus, Watanuki and Lelouch are voiced by the same guy which helps them seem like similar people. XD


  2. Oh, wow, Lelouch O_O, he looks sexy yet a bit dorky with the eye thing, haha. I love C.C’s pose. The whole image is beautiful though, as expected from CLAMP.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • C.C looks gorgeous in that dress. The composition is perfect for a magazine’s cover. I can’t tell by the picture if the coloring is CG or not, it looks like it, though.


  3. Kyaaa!!! >_< It looks so gorgeous! I think it's the 1st time I see the background of Newtype is black. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful image, chibiyuuto-san!


  4. Yeyyy!!! it looks amazing, it’s so detailed wich i found great, and yep C.C. looks like yuuki with all those hair ornaments XD, thanks 4 sharing chibiyuutochan *O*


    • Me too, the only woman who can control Lulu xD
      The 13 episodes of CG that I watched was enough to make me like C.C, she’s awesome.

      >BTW… I miss your comments on tsubasa/holic chapters!

      For real? Thank you! ^^” I miss writing the comments too. We are having some scanning issues lately (as you might know), which has left me completely LOST in my schedule. But I am planning to start writing again soon, regardless of scanning sources, specially now that TRC and XXXHOLiC are nearing their end. I just can’t stay quiet for too long, I urge to write XD


  5. Arrrggg!!
    I want to preorder it in Amazon! >.< (aka I want the clamp in cardland special CG card :P)
    But I am going on vacations next week and I just can't make an online order without being present at home at the same time, in case of possible problems (like customs…)
    I can only cross my fingers and hope there would still be some left when I come back at the end of the month…


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