Bigger Newtype 9 cover

Here’s a bigger version of this month’s Newtype magazine, because everybody liked it and it’s hell pretty! *-*

Click to enlarge it.

Also starlady38 took a shot from her magazine and you can see it here.

This is the second cover CLAMP draws for Newtype this year.

Oh one more thing, I would like to share my latest creation with you xD My new CLAMP T-shirt!

Click to enlarge it.

I wish the final stamp would have the original concept’s colors, but due to color limitations for that kind of stamp, I had to make a few adjustments. Thankfully I was satisfied with the final result. What do you all think? XD

I’m sending one over to skyless-san as a thank you gift (it’s on its way, Georgia, it’s on its way xD).


70 thoughts on “Bigger Newtype 9 cover

    • Thanks!

      That Ioryogi pic is at the end of Kobato. #2. I took a picture of the page (I don’t have a scanner, I could have scanned it too, obviously xD), converted it to vector and colored it in Illustrator, then I sent it to a friend’s shop of confectioned T-shirts, she made the stamp, put it into the T-shirt and sent it back to me xD


  1. I’m thinking of buying this Newtype issue just for the cover, srsly. {and i’m not even a fan of this pairing. lol}

    And for like the millionth time, i LOVE YOU DUDE. &hearts {aka thanks a LOT}


  2. Aww, that Ioryogi T-shirt is adorable, I want one ~ lol.

    And thanks for the larger picture of the Newtype magagine. I can’t get over how good C.C and Lelouch looks in that picture


  3. That Newtype cover is so… awesome !! I’m completely into Code Geass since a few days ago, I’ve watched from episode one of the first season to the 17th of R2 in like three days, and it’s so…awesome XDD Clamp illustrations for Code Geass are so impressive, can’t say why…

    Your Ioryogi shirt is so amazing !! Yes, the original concept is better than the adjustement but it’s still an amazing job ^^


  4. I still thinking that this image is the renovated version of the first Code Geass illustration for CLAMP in CardLand XDDD but that’s only my opinion. By the way, that’s a cool T-shirt, it makes me want one >.< You must start to do that more often, seriously! ^o^


    • It has the same characters, yeah, but the pose is different and they look more elegant xD I prefer this one =)

      Thanks for the compliments on my T-shirt! I plan on doing another soon, and I’ll post here when it’s done for sure ^^


      • That’s why this is the renovated version XD. The first one was the simple one and this is the luxurious one.

        LOL your mind is pretty fast!, you alredy have another idea in process. Then I’ll wait to see your new creation ^___^


          • As I said “you alredy have another idea in process”; just started, not finished yet. But who I’m to judge, after all, the most amazing creations require time to be completed. So, good luck for this new idea!


  5. wow!!! that t-shirt sure looks sooo cool!!! *0*, i’ve always wanted to make a CLAMP t-shirt, but my attempts were useless U_U
    yours is so much cool and hot~~


  6. That’s such an awesome t-shirt! ^_^ Ioryogi is awesome in general, but on a t-shirt, he’s all the more awesome. The final result looks great. =D


  7. It’s great you’ve got your hands on a bigger version: it’s gorgeous! πŸ˜€

    Also, I just wanted to confirm something: is the card directly included inside the magazine or not?


    • >Also, I just wanted to confirm something: is the card directly included inside the magazine or not?

      Yes it is, the card comes as an appendix according to Kobato. editor’s column ^^


      • Thanks for the fast answer ^^
        My trip was canceled today and postponed until after my exams, so since I’m at home for the upcoming couple of weeks, I ordered it already~
        I should receive it around the 17th.
        If by then no one shared the scans yet, I would be happy to do it, and in HQ of course πŸ˜‰


  8. this is kind of random, but I was wondering if you knew whether Code Geass Illustrations Rebels had any CLAMP artwork in it? since you seem to know everything that is remotely CLAMP related ^___^


  9. OnyxSyaoran: Thanks 4 the comment the 1st one on my blog lol haha and i want one of those Mexico is closer to Brazil lol hahaha by the way are u the one wearing it?


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