CLAMP x Washizu first pictures

Here’s a few shots from the one-shot that CLAMP drew for the September issue of Kindai Mahjong Original (on sale), taken from Muhyojo and this blog.

Click to enlarge it.

Click to enlarge it.

Click to enlarge it.

The one-shot was 4-pages long with no color pages.

The art looks so different from their usual style, I would say Nekoi drew most (if not all) of it.

If anyone scans the whole thing I’ll post it here.


27 thoughts on “CLAMP x Washizu first pictures

  1. Thanks 4 the news chibiyuuto, they look so different from clamp style, the second one looks like ichigo btw XD, but i want the one shot anyway if someone is aviable to scan it


  2. I’m planning to have [scottish_refugee] scan my pages when I’m done translating them, if no one else has done it by then. The lack of furigana is a pain, so I’m going to bed for now, though.

    And yeah, it is very Nekoi. And very the part of Clamp that came up with all the girly humor in Chobits.


  3. What’s that ? XD
    It IS unusual XD
    But…but…when I see the inking, I’m not sure that Nekoi-san has drawn that…
    I don’t know…
    But I am relieved…I was sad to know that I would never had this one-shot in my proper hands, and now it isn’t a matter anymore ! I don’t hate this style, but it isn’t essential or indispensable in my CLAMP collection XD
    Nevertheless, I’ll be glad to read it ^^ (butr I don’t mind to own it or not).


  4. It does look like Nekoi’s work. I’m strongly reminded of Legal Drug in the 2nd & 3rd scans, though LD is much prettier of course! XD I’d like to read it; that last scan greatly amuses me!


  5. I find it unfortunate that I just finished watching Kaiji, because the old man in the second picture reminds of evil old man in the story. Though I guess it can’t be helped that the guy who wrote Kaiji also wrote Akagi, which is about mah-jong and was published in that magazine…


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