Kobato. Drop. 7-A by CLAMP No Lumiere

Another week, another chapter ^^ Feels great being able to catch up with Kobato.

Go get it here: http://clampno.lumiere.free.fr !

– Kobayashi Hospital? I wonder if A) Its owners are related to Hatoko and Keitarou Kobayashi of ANGELIC LAYER; B) They mean the real Kobayashi Hospital from Hokkaido (if that’s the case, does that mean Kobato.’s story takes place in Hokkaido?;

– Isn’t it suspicious that Kobato doesn’t seem to know much about human being habits and yet she knows that some people can still die from things that aren’t very serious? Strange… Was she taught that? Or has someone she knew of died from a simple cause? (Like Fujimoto asked her, but all she did was close her eyes, cry and squeeze her hands).

– I love how protuberant Kobato’s tears are.

– I still haven’t fully discovered what kind of animal Ginsei is, the claws confused me xD

– A bit of love interaction there, between Ioryogi and Ginsei. Ioryogi doesn’t use his final blast for the same reason Ginsei doesn’t use his deadly claws on Ioryogi. Ginsei goes “!!!”

– So like we all suspected (after Ushagi and everything), the home for these creatures are “Heaven”, possibly the same “Heaven” of Wish (because of Ushagi and everything). Ioryogi said the one who put him in that form is the most important of the entire “Heaven”, needless to say that I’m very curious to find out who that might be. Not even in Wish we had the chance to see the ruler of the angels and archangels.


41 thoughts on “Kobato. Drop. 7-A by CLAMP No Lumiere

  1. Kobato only seems to understand what she has seen, so probably someone close to her died… I wonder who it was. Maybe it’s Clow all over again! Because he died all peacefully.

    …Okay, no, no more Clow crossovers.


  2. Hee! More Kobato!

    I really love this story. As much as I love CLAMP’s uberdrama in TRC and HOLiC, I love the gentleness of a story like Kobato or Wish-even when it’s being dramatic in it’s own plot, it’s still quite gentle.

    And I adore Kobato! I really do. Fujimoto is pretty lovely, too.

    I think Kobato’s lost someone, even though I have no idea who they could have been. Not even she can be that upset without some sort of reason.


  3. I still haven’t fully discovered what kind of animal Ginsei is, the claws confused me xD

    I had thought The Dash a mongoose, but the ears are way too big…

    Thank you for the chapter!


  4. Thank you so much and oddly, I’m enjoying Kobato more and more these days.

    I definitely think it’s WISH mythology, with Ushagi-san, maybe one of the Angels from WISH will make a cameo? I hope so.


    • Oddly? But you must enjoy it, it’s great and pure and sweet X3 I β™₯ Kobato.

      It’s definitely in the same universe of Wish, I think so too. I (and some people too) already suspected that before the Ushagi referrence. Then Ioryogi is surprised at seeing a giant Ushagi (and calls it Ushagi-SAN), then Ginsei mentions “Heaven”


      • I appreciate the fact that CLAMP always tried to create a CLAMPverse in which to freely cross over their characters, it’s reminiscent of what American comics have abused to death over the years.

        I just WISH I could see the WISH cast again, it was a very special manga for me and deserved some nice OAVs rather than just one music video.


        • I love CLAMP’s universe too! The possibility of seeing old characters appearing in new works, it’s like extending the story and the character to a new level, it gives a sense of reality to it too.

          I would say chances to see Wish characters are high. Not only Kobato. crosses over directly with it, but also Gouhou Drug. I think it’s bound to happen sooner or later.


  5. I wonder if Kobato is an angel or something of the sort, that could explain her navieness. And Fukimoto must not know a lot about medicine, a burst apendix (which is what this sounds like) can be fatal very often.


    • >And Fukimoto must not know a lot about medicine, a burst apendix (which is what this sounds like) can be fatal very often.

      Really? I wondered about that too but I’m not an expert on the matter ^^;


      • I’ve heard so many stories about how people die within a day of their appendix bursting, which is what that sounded like. Then again, I did know a guy who went a week and then got it removed. As for the angel comment, I agree, Kobato being an angel would be too obvious, I think I had better read Wish sometime soon since the themes in there seem to be popping up a lot.


  6. I thought Ginsei was some sort of weasel-like animal. The closest thing I can think of is Gazemon, and those are Digimon. XP

    Wonderful work as always from CnL. ^_^ Keep it up!


    • Yeah, Ginsei certainly looks like a weasel, except for his ears (too long!). I’m starting to think he’s not a “real” animal… just a creatue xD

      Thanks for the compliments, it really makes us want to keep it up ^__^


  7. Kaeyko i tought exactly the same haha it looks a lot like Gazemon hahaha maybe CLAMP liked the design and ChibiYuuto I really thinks that too It should be the same Wish heaven or at least hope so and Finally a link to Kohaku and maybe lucky enough we will see a Hsui somewhere and I wanna tell ya I used the scans on my newly blog and put ur read me page to give credit if u wanna check it here is the url and tell me if u want me to remove it ok? http://onyxsyaoran.blogspot.com/ and leave ur mark on the way there lol be honored to have it


    • Indeed xD Hopefully TRC and XXXHOLiC mysteries will be ENTIRELY solved by April~May/2009, but then our minds will be focused on the mysteries of Kobato., Mangettes and whatever else CLAMP is planning XD


  8. I think that Kobato didn’t lose someone, it feels more like she is the one who is death D: and maybe she is trying to go to heavens, so that may be why she fills that little bottle to her wish to be granted (it makes me feel also that healing others heart Kobato would heal her heart in the end e.e). That would make Ioryogi some sort of death angel and, like he takes souls from earth to heaven. Anyways, just my though e.eU



  9. Hm…maybe she herself died of a simple cause? But that’d mean she was dead…no idea.. It certainly looks like she knew someone who died of a simple cause…
    πŸ˜€ Thank you!


    • not for anything, but maybe something so simple as a feather could cause death? In tsubasa chapter 136, page 18 there’s a girl who really resembles (in my opinion) kobato (the top part of her hair is braided- so u can’t see the smaller strands, and she’s not wearing a hat)…and then on chapter 137, page 8 there’s even a little kid that looks exactly like toshihiko… does anyone know if clamp does foreshadowing of their stories in other manga (exception of tsubasa with holic)?


  10. Thanks!!! ^^

    Thank you for the release!!!!
    sigh…here in Italy we have already translate it about one month ago… but we can’t find raws of drop 7B aven if there are already the raws of drop 8 sigh….so sad T__T


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