New CLAMP x Code Geass clear files

The NEWS BOARD section of CLAMP-NET.COM announced today that the next two issues of Newtype magazine (October issue, out 9/10, and November issue, out 10/10) will each come with a Code Geass clear file illustrated by CLAMP.

CLAMP-NET.COM doesn’t mention anything about new illustrations, therefore the clear files will most likely feature illustrations released before.

On another (sad) note, CLAMP’s Internet Radio show, Komugikotoride no Yonshimin, will end broadcast after its two years run (has it really been that long?).

Episode 49 is the last one and will be aired on August 26, two days before the radio’s 2nd anniversary. (you were right, clstmk-san =/)

Like the previous episodes, you’ll be able to download the final episodes in this livejournal, please look forward to it!

That’s very sad news, it was my biweekly CLAMP “fix” xD Ah well, I just hope they have other fan-interaction plans =/

9 thoughts on “New CLAMP x Code Geass clear files

  1. Altought i never heard any of the radio shows, i always read your summary about them, those are truly a sad news.

    *I just hope they have other fan-interaction plans =/*
    Me too :D, thanks 4 the news chibiyuutochan


  2. O.K. until now this is the sad thing of the day u___u Perhaps two years of broadcast but not with all or most of the important people that have worked with CLAMP. And about another fan-interaction, I don’t know… maybe the mangettes will cover the hole of CLAMP Internet Radio, but honestly it will be hard.


  3. Oh no, CLAMP Radio is ending T_T
    it’s so sad, I didn’t understand everything but I enjoyed to hear their voices (and I was happy when I understood something)…. ToT
    Thanks for sharing the news ^^”


  4. I know it, but I’m still sad that the radio show’s going to end. I remember that I first found your blog when I was searching for Miyu Irino and found the radio show featuring him!!

    Thanks for the news!


  5. I remember when I first heard about them and wow, it has been that long xD;; Very said because even though I couldn’t understand it, it was still a way for CLAMP to get out to their readers like with the newsletter that they used to have…


  6. There won’t be new illustrations for this clear files as you said, they’ll just use past illustrations. I read that for September it will be the “せめぎあう思想” (Semegi no Shisou), the one with Lelouch and Suzaku with the swords and for October it’ll be “制約の瞳” (Seiyaku no hitomi), this month NT cover’s illustration ^^, I’ll buy both anyway, i want those clear files !


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