– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

04/10 – Newtype #05 – No Kobato. scheduled (on sale).
05/09 – Newtype #06 – Drop. 14.
06/10 – Newtype #07 – Drop. 15.

No new additions for Kobato. =/

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

05/02 – Shonen Magazine #23 – No Tsubasa scheduled (on sale).
05/13 – Shonen Magazine #24 – Chapter 220 – Last chapter of tankoubon 27.
05/20 – Shonen Magazine #25 – Chapter 221 – Beginning of tankoubon 28.
05/27 – Shonen Magazine #26 – No Tsubasa scheduled.

CLAMP-NET.COM doesn’t say anything about color pages in Chapter 221 in today’s update, even though it’s the first chapter of volume 28. Maybe on the next update they’ll mention it?

• Comics:

Here are the covers of Tsubasa #27:

Loved the normal edition cover! Comments on the deluxe cover: *spoilers* Papa!Syaoran? I guess we can tell who’s going to be in volume 28, then? But no Fei Wang? No, please don’t tell me there will be a volume 29, nooooo xDDD (I really don’t think/hope so) Some people noticed the white fabric behind Syaoran which could be Sakura’s dress. That way we would have two characters in the same cover and Fei Wang can appear on volume 28 =)*spoilers*

All editions of Tsubasa #27 (normal, deluxe and OAD limited) go on sale May 15.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

04/27 – Young Magazine #22 & #23 – Chapter 180 (on sale).
05/11 – Young Magazine #24 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled (CLAMP changed that. Chapter 181 was supposed to come out in this issue).
05/18 – Young Magazine #25 – Chapter 181.
05/25 – Young Magazine #26 – Chapter 182.

Young Magazine says Chapter 181 will be published in May 11 but CLAMP-NET.COM says differently. Let’s wait and see what happens.

• Mouryou no Hako:

The Blu-ray Box release of Mouryou no Hako, the TV Anime mystery series with character concepts designed by CLAMP, will be released on May 22 and among its many features and extras, it’ll come with a full color, 24-pages pamphlet.

The contents of this pamphlet includes, among others, CLAMP’s character concept original illustrations.

The same pamphlet includes an interview with Mouryou no Hako’s creator, short manga drawn by the series character designer (not CLAMP), episode summaries by the series compositor, columns, etc. Is that all in 24 pages? I hope we will get to see more of CLAMP’s sketches and not only those that were published in Newtype.


58 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

  1. Thank you for compiling all of this, Chibiyuuto!
    Although, judging by the white cloth behind Syaoran, couldn’t it be both him and Sakura? It wouldn’t be the first time two characters appeared on a deluxe cover, as we had both Soel and Larg before.

    …I don’t know, I just think it would be strange for Fei Wang not to appear on a deluxe cover. Perhaps CLAMP found him too ugly.


    • >Although, judging by the white cloth behind Syaoran, couldn’t it be both him and Sakura?

      WEEEEEEEEELL spotted! XD I think you’re right! That way volume 28 can have FWR!


  2. GOD THESE COVERS. sajkfglkdsk ♥ Thank you for finding them 8D

    Also, am I crazy or are those glass shards behind Syao in the deluxe cover? Look to the left of the “Kitto aeru” text.


      • Yeah! Damn it, now I want to see the full cover even more orz

        Also, that “kitto aeru”… I think it’s a tiny spoiler for the next chapter? ‘Cause I don’t remember it being said during the last chapters. Or is it a line from HOLiC?


        • Really? I don’t remember if that speech has been already said. “We’ll surely meet”, huh? A similar line was said by clone!Sakura when she split her body and soul.


          • *is clearly bored*

            That Syao hasn’t had that many lines so far, so idk, maybe it will show up in the next chapter?

            /checking raws

            Although in vol ten, one of Wata’s parents (or both?) does say that, at least. In the left 8| Can’t read the rest so IDK if it fits or what.


  3. I’ve read many mangas in my life (and still am) but I don’t remember any mangaka taking so much liberties with their series releases dates and throwing breaks right and left all the time for several consecutive years ^^;; Of course, mangakas usually work on ONE title at a time, not like Clamp…
    Beautiful artworks, like always, but this time around, Clamp won’t buy me with pretty color pictures: the chaotic states of the manga story is clearly in my mind, added with all the disappointment at many levels in the last chapters plotlines -____- Ohkawa better do one Hell of a good job with the Final of TRC, pretty drawing won’t make me change my POV or feelings.


    • Yeah, CLAMP definitely has its privileges xD We are at the final countdown now, but at this rate, 10 chapters left does not necessarily mean 10 weeks left @_@


  4. What if…

    I was just thinking… Maybe Fei Wang is saved for the very last deluxe cover, because this cover will show him with the person he wants to revive (assuming we don’t already know this person)…
    At least, I hope FWR will get his own cover.

    Can TRC really end at its 28th volume? There seems to be so many points to solve before. Some parts will have to be explained in Holic I suppose.
    (And what about the vampires and hunters? A spin-off manga?)


    • Re: What if…

      The person he wanted to revive is probably Yuuko and since she already got herself a cover, I’m not that sure ^^;

      >Can TRC really end at its 28th volume? There seems to be so many points to solve before. Some parts will have to be explained in Holic I suppose.

      Yes, there seem to be a lot of thing to be answered but I’m positive it could all be solved in one volume ^^


  5. Thanks for informing us about the next releases. ^_^

    The regular cover of Tsubasa is cute, but the Deluxe version is Syaoran again! So Oruha won’t have one? Neither XingHuo nor Kyle? How sad! ;_;

    Can’t wait to read the next chapters of Tsubasa and Holic. I give up trying to guess what’s coming, but at least, the pace is getting faster. ^_~


    • Speaking of Oruha, too bad Suu never made it to Tsubasa =/

      I gave up trying to theorize *too much* about TRC and XXXHOLiC as well, I just want them to be over already xD

      You’re welcome!! ^__^


      • “Speaking of Oruha, too bad Suu never made it to Tsubasa =/”
        you’re right, in fact, plenty of CLAMP characters never made it, none from Wish if I’m correct, hardly any from Clover, and unfortunately no Code Geass ones of Four Dragon Brothers.


        • Yes! Why not Suu, Kazuhiko, Gingitsune and Ran! -_-

          And what about the Magic Knight Rayearth. none of the three girls are there!

          For the characters from Wish, I will probably appear in Kobato, but for the Souryuuden and code Geass characters, my hopes are low, but not as low as thoses I have for the Watashi no Suki na Hito characters (at least a couple did made a cameo in Wish ^_~ ).


  6. Of course, there has to be a change in xxxHolic’s schedule.

    The regular cover is gorgeous; yet, I am a bit tired of having another Syaoran cover.


  7. I guess the estimate that Tsubasa was going to be 28 volumes wasn’t as dead on as expected… which is good, since I’d still like it to go on a little longer. Unless, Tsubasa ending means X will return…

    Though I feel a little disappointed that the person who said it would keep Ruruoni Kenshin company on their shelf is going to need a little more shelf space now. XDDD


  8. Eh. I’m reminded of that colored page during the Infinity arc–especially with both Syaorans holding onto a piece of her clothing like that :/ Surely you can think of a different way to draw them CLAMP and if not there’s a whole bunch of neglected characters to draw. But, of course, the image wouldn’t be complete without the infamous waning moon in the center lol yay symbolic iconography


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