Code Geass R2 DVD/Blu-Ray Box

Tomorrow the 9th and final volume of the Code Geass R2 DVD and Blu-Ray will be released in Japan and CLAMP was in charge for drawing the Box that comes with it.

Here’s the box!

You can get a high-resolution version of the illustration here (for even bigger version, click on Original image (19.2 MB)).

Special thanks to Aurelia for let me know about this! =D

17 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 DVD/Blu-Ray Box

  1. so pwetty! *-* it looks like it had a mix of tsubasa, xxxholic, AND code geass…
    but woah, CLAMP-sama really made these characters based from their own creations, ne?
    but i LOVE the kimono designs here. they actually made me wanna cry. X’D


  2. Kamui with a dragon lol? Or, not it’s Lulu XD. I wanna one of these T-T.

    And, thinking about it, Suzaku (Syaoran cof… cof..) never has a definitely katana/sword, they always made a new design XD.


  3. Recently, I watched both Seasons of CODE GEASS. I was shocked at Nunnally actually can see, but actually pretended that she couldn’t see. I was even shocked at the ending (kind of the truth that Lulu and Suzaku did).

    The box looks so pretty!


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