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There will be a BLOOD-C x CLAMP exhibition at the PARCO art gallery in Tokyo, Japan, from June 8 to 18.

The exhibition will cover the history of the BLOOD franchise, the world of BLOOD-C, CLAMP’s art for BLOOD-C and the other media adaptations (manga, novels etc).

Also, goods will be on sale at the BLOOD-C x CLAMP shop.

For more information, please check: http://www.parco-art.com/web/museum/exhibition.php?id=490

• CLAMP Summer Fair:

To promote the release of Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito and BLOOC-C The Last Dark on theaters, Animate stores will be holding a CLAMP Summer Fair from June until August where DVDs and Blu-rays from CLAMP’s works will be on sale.

An original postcard drawn by CLAMP will be given to those who purchase an item, a total of 3 postcards will be available:

• Featuring CLAMP:

A comment by CLAMP member Nanase Ohkawa has been published in this month’s issue of Ure Pia magazine in the feature What is your last movie?.

This magazine asked from various personalities what is the last movie they would like to watch before they die, Nanase Ohkawa is one of the personalities to which this question was asked.

I’m curious to learn what she answered 😉

The magazine is already on sale.


11 thoughts on “Misc. news

  1. Thanks for the news! 😀

    There is such a thing as a BLOOD-C x CLAMP shop?

    The postcards are all beautiful, it’s a shame they can’t be bought separately, especially knowing the prices of DVD/BR in Japan, it’s just not possible to get those simply on a whim just to get the extra goodies only ^^;

    I like the CCS one best! CCS|SxS pairing pictures are surprisingly rare (in the past 12 years, I can only remember the one on the Clamp Fes2011 guidebook cover).
    On the other side, the TRC couple pic, I’ve seen them a million times in that same position already ^^; Also CCS ended since a long time ago and I expect that we might not see anymore new arts of them at some point…the only reason it was *thankfully* ‘dragged’ so long was thanks to TRC after all aha~ If it’s CCS|Sakura-chan alone though, she will very likely appear on her own on pretty much most of the crossover goodies that will be released from now on 😉
    The BloodC one is lovely too 🙂

    I hope you’ll be able to learn which movie it is that Ohkawa want to watch *and then share with us! XD*


  2. Man, I’m so late to everything LJ recently, but

    ajfsdkf; those chibi pics ;;A;; ♥♥♥ They’re all so cute omg. Look at how silly Saya and Wata look, look at TRC!SxS actually SMILING for once while in that pose, look at the adorable squishy CCS kids


  3. I just love the CSS couple !!!! I love so much this couple ♥
    And I love Wata (i)nuki ♥♥ So cute ^^

    Have you heard of Ohkawa-sensei’s answer ?


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