Interview with the editor of GATE 7

There is a very interesting interview at Mantan-Web with the editor of GATE 7, Shuhei Hosono.

Here are some of the highlights:

– Shueisha wanted CLAMP to draw a series for JUMP SQ since the magazine started to be serialized, but it was only possible 3 years later.
– During its 3 years of conception, Hana’s visual and the story itself changed significantly compared to the original concept, except the series’ title (that we noticed ourselves).
– He met CLAMP for the first (?) time in France, in Japan Expo. He was impressed with CLAMP’s popularity in Europe. It was then decided he would be the editor in charge of GATE 7 (I’m not 100% sure about this part).
– CLAMP’s manuscripts smell like incense. He said that before being CLAMP’s editor, he was used to receive manuscripts smelling like tabacco.
– What we’ve seen so far in GATE 7 is only the “prologue” of the story, and we should expect some major turn-arounds in the future.

I love the part about CLAMP’s manuscripts smelling like incense! XD


6 thoughts on “Interview with the editor of GATE 7

  1. So we’re still only in the prologue huh? Haven’t been really following it lately, I just glanced through the most recent chapter to see what was going on but this series just seems too slow for me now, wonder if it’ll pick up soon then…


  2. Woah, it’s nuts to think it’s only the prologue, it feels it’s been coming out since forever ago. But then it’s only been little more than 3 volumes. Looking at pretty much any series of them that went on for a longer number of volumes, it makes sense…

    And lol incense. Of course.


    • It’s like X if you think about it… everything that happened prior to Fuuma becoming the other Kamui could be considered Prologue, in a way. And that took 8 volumes!

      And lol incense. Of course.

      Of course ^_~


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