15 thoughts on “First 8 minutes of BLOOD-C The Last Dark online

  1. It looks A-MAZING! *____* The animation is super slick and gorgeous. All that horrible stiff, awkwardness of the series is gone, as well as the over-saturated colour pallet.
    Shit just got real~! XD Blood everywhere. I had to watch from behind my hands for some parts!


  2. Thank you so much for the info. But I want to ask a question. Will nico stream the movie with english subtitles outside Japan too? If not, then do you know the release dates of Blood c the last dark dvd ?


  3. Now, that’s the real Blood! Really pays homage for the opening scenes of Blood: The Last Vampire. But it’s really a shame that we (gaijins) have to wait for the BD release.


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