New BLOOD-C The Last Dark trailer

The official website for the BLOOD-C The Last Dark movie posted a new trailer for the movie. The story is set in Tokyo one year after the TV series.

The movie opens on June 2 in Japan.

Also, for those interested, the wallpaper version of CLAMP and ARIKA's April Fools' joke is already up at ARIKA's official website (although the wallpaper is not the text-cleaned version of CLAMP's illustration that we wanted).


12 thoughts on “New BLOOD-C The Last Dark trailer

  1. Oh lol, Mokona. xD; Looking forward to this!

    I enjoyed the basic idea behind the story of the TV-series quite a lot (the gore was a bit too much for me though…*literally felt sick*)


    • Well from Blood:The Last Vampire it is known that she is half human and half Vampire. Her wounds heal quickly. I think it has never been officially stated in Blood:The Last Vampire as far as I remember that she has regeneration abilities though, but it’s save to assume that she has since she has many of the abilities that Vampires have.

      LOVE the trailer by the way *_* CLAMP is doing a great job as always ! And so is Production I.G

      I’m so in love with the character designs and the atmosphere


  2. Seeing this, I’m very tempted to say that a movie alone would have been enough, without the rather dull series…the TV adaptation wasn’t totally bad from start to end, but…


    • The series was the prequel to the movie, the “main event”. The TV series WAS necessairy because you need it to understand the movie ^^ I’m actually glad they made it the way they did, because else all the hatred would have unleashed upon the amazing movie for being “confusing” or what else xP OOH by the way, what happened to CLAMP in Forumland ? I haven’t heard anything from it since it started moving O_O Just curious to know if you don’tmind me asking


  3. Eeee, can’t wait! The movie looks quite awesome! I get the impression that maybe the tv series was just a filler to lead up to the movie or something?

    I wish I could actually go see it in theatres, it’d be a nice birthday present! XD


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