CLAMP News !!

Still no Kobato news… only that the CLAMP Su goodies will be on sale from October 14th on Animate stores.

I’m assuming that the series will resume itself on December, on Sunday GX January edition, when the series completes 1 year of publication (already? omg and there’s only 1 tank out there, I know).
Kobato has a really weird system… we’ll see…


Next chapters scheduled (red means new):

09/28 – Shonen Magazine #44 – Chapter 92 (on sale).
10/05 – Shonen Magazine #45 – Chapter 93.
10/12 – Shonen Magazine #46 – Chapter 94.
10/19 – Shonen Magazine #47 – No Tsubasa scheduled.
10/26 – Shonen Magazine #48 – Chapter 95.

Covers for tank 12:

The image for the normal edition, as you know, was a cover for Shonen Magazine.

And ow… on 11 we had Ashura son and now, on 12, we have Ashura father… of course ! XDDD The cover looks pretty… but we only got a page with him during the whole story ! I wanna see him ._.
My bet for the next cover: Clow (I’ll die betting for him XDDDD I bet on him since cover 8, I believe)

The CLAMP Su goodies for Tsubasa will also be on sale on Animate on October 14th, since the CLAMP Su event has now ended, in case you don’t know ^^

The 4th DVD for the anime series (containing episodes 11~14) will be out on November 25th, you can check the cover here.

And here is the cover (by CLAMP, yey!) for Tsubasa Nintendo DS game, it looks very pretty, I like Syaoran’s hair. Check also Arika’s official Tsubasa page to see some screencaps from the game.


Next chapters scheduled (red means new):

26/09 – Young Magazine #43 – No XXXHOLiC Scheduled.
10/03 – Young Magazine #44 – Chapter 87.
10/08 – Young Magazine #45 – Chapter 88.
10/17 – Young Magazine #46 – Chapter 89.
10/24 – Young Magazine #47 – No XXXHOLiC Scheduled.
10/31 – Young Magazine #48 – Chapter 90.

Cover for tank 7:

…looks sexy.


A new Talk Show! This time with CLAMP and Production IG, I believe, and it’s about the movies. To be held on what looks like to be a very fancy restaurant (correct me if I’m wrong) called LA FABRIQUE. Ah, I hardly will get a transcript of it anyway *sigh*

32 thoughts on “CLAMP News !!

  1. *jaw drops at the v12 hardcover* so…pretty…..

    …..geez, and it’s not like I’m even a huge fan of that chara/RG Veda to begin with. XD

    The holic volume looks really, really nice. *_*


  2. WTF again? Nooooo! Stupid Ashura family separating the chances of my OTP… And that guy hasn’t even done something in the whole series… *grumblegrumble*

    *pets Clow Reed and the King of Clow* Don’t worry, sweety… lucky 13 shall be the one… yessssss.

    Yuuko, as always, looks lovely.


    • And that guy hasn’t even done something in the whole series… *grumblegrumble*

      But now we know that he will do something, and… gaaaah.


      (The hate made me mess up the HTML :/ )


  3. Ashura looks so cool! I think they’re saving Clow for one of the later volumes… it’s the only reason I can think of not to put him right after Yuuko. But there doesn’t seem to be a lot of thought put into who’s on the special cover, so who knows?

    Thanks for the Harry Potter link too! I sort of have mixed feelings about the movie from what I’ve seen. (I’ll still see it the day it comes out, of course!)


  4. kobato….;_;—-> XD
    as for TRC, this time I like more the normal edition cover….dont know why…maybe because you can see it better than when it was on the cover of the Shonen magazine…
    OH! And i am amused by the videogame!!!! have you see that flash-imitating-the-console animation? that was amazing! I liked it A LOT!!! i also imagined I-chan (the one from Arika) putting so much effort in that videogame, and mostly preaching and screaming to everybody “this girls are my friends so better do a GREAT videogame! or I will punish you” *doom* XDDD
    And yeah! Yuuko does look so sexy there!!! O.O i am wondring…what is kimihiro doing in the back?….*.*
    Oh also loved the pictures of the calendar! GREAT DESIGN dont you think? that first pages with mostly red? so in love with that! and those pictures like drawings! OMG and Viktor Krum!!!….just OMG XDDDDDD..sorry I was carried by the emotion.. XD….also hermione looks very cute! but I wont say more because I am mad with that boy dancing with her…I know….I am just celous XD…she is so small for that! also I want her with Ron… better with Harry…but that wont happen… u.u
    Anyways…to tell you the truth…GREAT NEWS!!!! (aparting Kobato obviously)
    thank you SOOOO MUCHHHH!!!!! *hugs*



    • >maybe because you can see it better than when it was on the cover of the Shonen magazine…

      I love it too ! I love guns ^__^

      >that was amazing!

      Yes but… it’s shit compared to what Nintendo DS can do… really ú.ú

      >this girls are my friends so better do a GREAT videogame! or I will punish you

      AHAHAHAHAH That’s so cute !

      >what is kimihiro doing in the back?

      Probably kissing her leg or something XDD

      >but I wont say more because I am mad with that boy dancing with her

      AHAHAHAHAHA I won’t say anything to not spoil you ^^ Stay with the jealous !

      >thank you SOOOO MUCHHHH!!!!! *hugs*

      You are welcome ^__^ *hugs back*


  5. Taking bets?

    My bets for volume 13 are either
    1. Sohma
    2. Clow
    3. (this is a tremendous stretch) Subaru (if he actually shows up by then)
    4. Some other character who become significant in the Rekuruto arc
    5. Miyuki-chan (nah… I’m just kidding)

    Ashura-ou? The dude hasn’t even shown up for more than… what? five pages? If he wasn’t looking so pretty… I’d… well, can’t think of any reason to protest.


  6. It’s a good month! XD and hopefully the sun will shine! (literally xD it’s been freezing over here for AGES and it’ already spring XD)
    Those are beautiful covers! ^^ I like the xxxHolic better though XD and go Tsubasa on the DS XD (hardcore Nintendo fan xDD)
    ahh, me feels relieved ^^

    thanx for the news Chibi Yuuto-kun ^^


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