New Layout !

Featuring Kobato-chan ! I believe this is the 1st time I use pink XDDDD But there you go !

This image is so cute >_< But I still don't know if either I liked the final result or not… somehow the white gradient gives such a Low Quality feeling o.O
Well, I just really needed to change the layout ! XD

44 thoughts on “New Layout !

  1. Hihi~ This is my first time posting in your Lj =) I really want to thank you for bringing fans like me the latest scans, pics, and CLAMP (and HP) news~ Where would I be without you XD So again, thank you, chibiyuuto-sama!

    Ne wayz, I love your new layout! The pic of Kobato-chan is very kawaii and I think the pink looks wonderful too =D


  2. ……….

    Chibi Yuuto-sama? I know this is extremely off-topic, but…but how do you put your own background? I know I’m super stupid….but mine’s just…purple…….boo hoo. Kobato’s so cute.


    • Re: ……….

      First you have to put the picture you want as background avalable on internet.

      Then you go in the thumbnails line and click on Management, then personalisation.

      In the lower part of the page, there is a button named Edit personalisation. In the new page click the Background thumbnail.

      Mark the box bellow the URL to an image to be used for the page background line, a new box will appear, put the location of you background in there. Look the other options bellow and set them as you see fit.

      Good luck ^_~


  3. Firstly, I love your new layout. Kobato is just too precious. ^_^ And Ioryogi! Love. Very good job. And the white gradient doesn’t really hurt the picture. So don’t worry about it. ^_^
    Secondly! We’ve got xxxHolic chpater 87 and Tsubasa chapter 93! Hurray!


  4. Has hecho ese fondo a partir de la imagen de la portada? Menudo trabajo para quitar el texto! O_oU

    Te quedó genial!!! Deberías hacer una versión wallpaper ^___^


  5. I think it’s the best layout ever!!
    But I think it would be better if your picture weren’t iruyoga (something like that) though….

    Very nice anyways!


  6. it is out… it just that no one bother to scan it even if some people had it…

    so we’re waiting for a nice person in japan to buy the book when it is out and THEN scan it…

    but it won’t be out in a while

    oooh I wana know how the bazzar turned out~!


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