As we knew already there’s no chapter scheduled for the next Sunday GX to be out on June 18th, however, it’ll come back in the next edition, out on July 19th. Unfortunately, no color pages scheduled but the edition will come with a CLAMP present, a drawing with their handwriting, that’s what my translator says.

Scroll down to see the telephone card that is going to be released on CLAMP Su.


There are lots of goods and information regarding the movie, among them are stores that if you buy their product you automatically earn an advanced ticket, a board news related to animate, a fair that will be selling original goods and stuff like that.

One of the goods related to the movie is this:

If Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC had a premiere à la Hollywood, this is what it would be like ! They are soooo fancy wearing those clothes, I wanna see it bigger !

No breaks scheduled for Tsubasa for the next 4 Shonen Magazines, we can sleep in peace XD

Regarding the movie, here’s two pictures of it taken from Animage magazine:

Animage Cover – Sayoran, Sakura and Mokona
2-page spread of the movie

The design is so damn great ! They are all the most faithful as possible, I’m very surprised by Syaoran… the hairstyle is absolutely alike (it’s a bit too blond but that’s okay) and I loved the belt in his pants. Fye is perfect and so is Sakura, Kurogane is a bit different… his eyes, mostly, but is nothing compared to the anime one. I just wonder why Tomoyo has not purple eyes o.O

Source: Minitokyo (if you are the one who scanned this and you want the credits, please let me know !)


Same goods related to the movies also apply here.

Also no breaks scheduled for XXXHOLiC in Young Magazines of July, yey !

Here’s the cover for CLAMP No Kiseki 10:

This has GOT to be one of my favorites CnK covers EVER ! Yuuko looks TEH Queen! Look at her cloth and everything! She looks like Alice’s Queen only that much prettier and sexier ! The pattern of their clothes is so great, the little twirls… and the color matches so good! I’m really looking forward for that edition, there’s Gouhou Drug in it ^__^

The magazine is out next 22nd.

You can see the last chess piece (Syaoran, so cute!) here.

This month’s Newtype has a 2-page article about XXXHOLiC’s movie, here:

Page 1
Page 2

They all seem really faithful, very good, IMO… I would rather wait to see it animated to judge it right, sometimes magazines pics can be tricky.

Thanks Sakura-chan, always, for the scans ^0^


This new event is not even there and we already have lots of goods planned ! It really seems that this season will be even better than the 1st one.

There’s a whole new set of XXXHOLiC and Tsubasa goods, mainly featuring the color illustrations and tank covers for both series that were out in the last months.

The only good so far to be released featuring a new image is Kobato’s telephone card, really cute, pool theme:

Remember that the original illustrations would change from time to time during the exhibition, so, on the 1st season, it was changed 2 times, but this time will be changed 3 times:
July 1st to July 31st – First set of original drawings;
August 2nd to August 28th – Second set of original drawings;
August 30th to September 25th – Third set of original drawings.

There are still more goods to come, yet with no images available.

The date for TOP RUNNER show to be aired with CLAMP as a guest has been announced: July 24th is the day. So far >.<… well, better far than never ^^

And last but but least, I couldn't forget to remember us all that in exactly one month we'll all find out who the hell is the Half-Blood Prince, just one month, folks !

36 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS!

  1. The Tsubasa designs look totally fabulous! I was worried that it would have the animation designs like the anime @_@; I think I’m a little excited for that movie now, though the XXXholic movie still is bigger in my eyes.

    Thanks for all this information!


  2. thank-you for the clamp news ^_^
    i will watch Trc the movie for the animation..and because i’m a die hard trc fan. same goes for yuuko..she looks great!


  3. z_z , sorry im just too sleepy and your post half woke me up 😀
    i know staying up until morning would get me good news ! , and they have arrived , thank you so much and…if you excuse me my bed is waiting >.>; .


    • I also loved the premiere photo! XDDDDD

      >I agree, it looks like Syaoran dyed his hair,

      Ahahahahahahaha XDDD

      Yeah, sometimes the Tsubasa bugs me too… I mean, they don’t have to relate everything…

      >they nailed Watanuki’s face on crack perfectly XD

      So true! He looks (by far) perfect !


  4. Yay Yuto this telephone card is so cute ^.^ You’re great thank to you I have many things to ready. Yay thank you very much for all things 😀


  5. I was waiting for this update after seeing those TRC movie scans on Wing Journey.

    Yay for the new crossover goodie! I want a bigger scan now!

    The CLAMP no Kiseki cover looks so… Cool… But I wonder what they’ll have to say about it since it’s still ongoing?

    And YAY FOR THE xxxHOLiC MOVIE SCANS! It’s looking pretty faithful to the manga.


    • >But I wonder what they’ll have to say about it since it’s still ongoing?

      Yeah, they’ll have to keep their mouth shut for plot questions ^^ But CnK questions are always about the proccess of creation rather than the plot itself

      I do wonder for Kobato… who doesn’t even have a tank yet XDDDDDDDDD


  6. *jabs finger at Tsubasa movie spread* Wow. The telling factor is the ears, they’re drawn manga style (-not a lot of detail), that’s telling. They look great! Kuro’s eyes match up with the XXXHolic style eyes, also on model. Fai looks great! Everyone looks great, Syaoran’s hairs a bit light but whatever.

    It’ll be nice to see some Tsubasa animation with movement. HA!

    XXXHolic looks fantastic. I want all those new goodies, grrrr.


  7. One month until HP and the HBP!

    I’m thinking I should do a countdown 😉

    And yay for the CLAMP news! Syaoran is so cute. *wants the rest of Clamp no Kiseki*


  8. as always, thank you so much for the info!!! Gaaah I’m SO excited for these movies!!! (Especially XXXHolic, hehehe)
    The pictures were wonderful! I wish those “goods” images were bigger though, lol. Especially that first one you posted…oh well, we’ll just have to wait a little longer! heh

    movie movie movie movie…


  9. Question: why are we not in Japan??? XD

    OMG! SS are -perfect-!! Sakura’s hair pin looks like the one she had in the first movie! ^^

    Thanks for the news/pics!


  10. Yuuto-saan!!! vc fiko tantu tempo sem aparece U.u’ q bom q esta d volta! XD
    nyaah a capa d CnK de xxxHOliC tah D+!!!!!!!
    eu queru muito essa edição! T_T
    parece q o filme vai sai bem tmb neh! pelas imgs tah realmente muito bom!

    nota: percebeu q na img d dentro da animax o syoran tah com o kbelo mais loiro?!? ou sera impressão minha!?



    • I did realize she was the Princess of the Land of Birds either. I think it was the eye colour (Tomoyo’s eyes are normally purple, not red, right?).

      Tomoyo’s cool (^_^), but I was hoping for an original character instead of more anime specific Clamp crossovers (ie Tomoyo in Hanshin and Sorata and Arashi in Koryo).


  11. Whoa, thanks a lot for the new and pics!!! 😀

    The Animage Cover is just great LOL But Tomoyo looks pretty weird O_o (still pretty, at least)

    And I want SO badly these chase pieces TT * sigh *


  12. Thanks to the whoever scanned the Animage featuring Tsubasa! I saw the movie last 30 minutes, which is great, xxxHolic can still be 90 minutes long!

    The Clamp no Kiseki’s cover is beautiful! I can’t wait to get it! Yuuko seems almost rising out of fog, I like the look very much. I hope will learn why they stopped Gouhou Drug. I hope will learn great stuff about Holic too. Fay has a black base … not unexpected, but still highly intriguing.

    The tsubasa and Holic movies’ images look pretty much like the manga, much better than the tv series anyway. There’s something wrong with Kurogane, is it his face or his hair, I could not tell. Thanks for the scans, Sakura-chan!

    I like the premiere picture of xxxHolic/Tsubasa! Poor Doumeki and Kurogane, couldn’t they at least get Maru and Moro?

    who can hardly wait until July 16th.


  13. The Clamp no Kiseki cover is so pretty; the berry red cover is very Yuuko.

    lol Kurogane and Doumeki have the Mokona while everyone else seem to have a date.

    I’m a tad disappointed that the “Princess of the Land of Birdcages” is Tomoyo and not an original character; however, this is Tomoyo… so =D The red eyes threw me off, I didn’t realize it was Tomoyo until I saw the scane


  14. Ah! These are all so gorgeous! 🙂 I can’t wait for the Chess pieces to be released~ I agree, probably the best CnK cover I’ve seen thus far. And featuring Yuuko & Fye? I’ve been waiting for this one! *swoon*

    Do you mind if I link to this post on my xxxholic website? I won’t push you if you don’t want me to, but it’s such an informative post!


  15. Yuuto-san, sumido! Que bom que vc apareceu! Estava sentindo falta ^__~
    Amei essas imgs! A Yuuko está linda! Em Tsubasa Chronicle, deixou um pouco a desejar… A capa de CnK está maravilhosa (adoro essa cor ^^), agora estou com vontade de ter a coleção inteira mas fora de cogitação u.u
    Essa img nova está dez, com certeza, CLAMP arrasa no figurino ^o^


  16. I love movie design!!!!!!! Better than anime ¬___¬”

    But i think the movies will be short, too. Is very usual in Japanesse theatrical versions. Between the 2 movies = 1 hour.

    Well, i want to see it! Other trailer, please!! jajajaja


  17. *___________* xxxholic pics…. *w* i love you! thanks!!! I’m now one XXXHolic adict! hehehe e come non parlo molto bene in inglese (soltanto quello so’ dire ^^”’) continuo in italiano: Bravissima! stupenda recenzione! sto d’accordo con te sul disegno! e’ troppo bello!!! *w* niente fiocchi.. e cosi dark.. afascinante! *________*

    bene buon lavoro e continua cosi! x3


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