Random News !

Kimonos by CLAMP:

I don’t know if any of you remember but in one of my previous post I said that the kimonos that were exposed on CLAMP Su (remember? XD) would be featured in one of the Young Magazine issues (the one on sale now, btw). So, ladydarkmoon-san, as gently as she is, kindly scanned the pages ^_^


As she well said, the thing is probably more to show GIRLS on kimonos rather than KIMONOS on girls, as we are talking about Young Magazine in here XDDDDDD

Anyway, the kimonos were probably done by Mokona, I mean, the kimono itself, since she said she loves doing them, but the drawings and paintings must be by the 3 of them together (Mokona, Nekoi and Satsuki). The kimonos are really pretty… indeed they are simple but having CLAMP’s drawing on them make them pretty ^_^

Remember that CLAMP Su pamphlet? So, funny enough, each of them represents each of those illustration, as you’ll be noticing. My favorite one is definitively X’s one… that blue dragon really looks awesome (not to mention the wings and gears), it makes a great effect on the kimono.

CLAMP On The Ranking !

So, hum, YES XD CLAMP won one more time, they are simply TEH BEST XDD Err, sorry. Check out the best-selling mangas from the period of 15th to 21th of August from animate’s store:

1st: Tsubasa #11 (Normal Edition)
2nd: Negima #11
3rd: Honey and Clover #8
4th: Air Gear #11

There’s no mention of the deluxe version for Tsubasa nor CLAMP No Kiseki #12 (who usually always gets a position).

Way to go CLAMP ! Negima and Air Gear, as you know, are 2 titles also VERY famous in Shonen Magazine, but even so Tsubasa won the 1st place, yey !

I didn’t use to check animate’s ranking ever since the 1st vol was out, so I can’t say Tsubasa had until now only won the 1st place, although I really feel like it did.

Remembering that this is ANIMATE’s ranking, -only-, indeed is one of the biggest/most-famous anime/manga stores but is not the entire Japan ^_-

And the Auctions are over…:

The auctions for the Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC signed pics are over and here are the final results:

Tsubasa: 2,002,000 yens, aka, around US$ 18,036.00
XXXHOLiC: 393,000 yens, aka, around US$ 3,540.00

Amazing, huh? *–*
Just remembering that those were made using a dollar as 111 yens.

12 thoughts on “Random News !

  1. Tsubasa: 2,002,000 yens, aka, around US$ 18,036.00

    wow. In my currency that´s enough to buy a small house in my hometown XD

    After the first teaser I was disapointed with the upcoming HP movie. Call me bitter but I´d really hate it to become a typical teen-movie and that´s what I felt I would be like. Depicting just the dance and the “sport themed” shots was not the best for me. Then the first test screening comments came out and I kinda started to feel relieved. This second teaser looks a lot better. I guess that´s not the final music and though it feels like any-action-movie-score I liked the efect. All in all I start to feel OoTP “magical” again ^-^


    • >wow. In my currency that´s enough to buy a small house in my hometown XD

      Hai, here too ^^

      >This second teaser looks a lot better.

      Isn’t it? We can feel the adult mood on it ! I don’t know about the final music… the composer has changed so who knows what that guy is planning for us… but if it’s something similar to that, I’m happy !

      I really liked Hedwig’s Theme at the end, very quick and soft, just to point that we are talking about HP here XD Sounded great !


  2. As much as I love CLAMP, I can’t even begin to dream of having that much money to buy anything signed by them! I’ll settle with my none-graffittied copies ^.~

    SU pics procured from MiniTokyo:

    ♠ Anger ~ Watanuki

    ♠ Cozy ~ Hokuto

    ♠ Happiness ~ Kobuto

    ♠ Sorrow ~ Kamui


    • I want the 2nd official trailer, waaaaaaah XDDDD It should be out soon… we are almost in September already (like, 5 days left) and usually the final trailer comes 2 months before the original movie, as you probably know XD So I want it! I want it! I want it!


  3. >>Tsubasa: 2,002,000 yens, aka, around US$ 18,036.00
    >>XXXHOLiC: 393,000 yens, aka, around US$ 3,540.00

    Nossa! @__@ Que números! Fiquei surpresa agora o.o

    No Ranking da Taiyosha, Tsubasa ficou em 3º…


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