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  1. Kyah! Hermione sounds so cute! ^-^
    Also, can’t wait for October 17th. I wonder who’ll be on the special edition for TRC. And yay xxxHolic 7! I’ve only been waiting for….months! ^_^


  2. Thank you so much chibiyuuto! I have to see the dubbed movie someday!
    It’s absolutely hilarious! And Moaning Myrtle’s voice was great…
    「どうせあたしのことなんか知らないでしょう!」XD! (…well except for the screaming…I think I’ve gone deaf o_O!) Anyway, thank you for sharing


  3. We are finally back to the pace of a tsubasa every two months and a Holic every four months, cool!

    And thank you very much all the Tsubasa / Holic scanners and translators, we are really spoiled rotten!



  4. Holic chapter 84 translation : Instant miracle??

    Hello, I finally found some time to translate Holic chapter 84 ^^. (And for lack of a better place I’m posting it here ^^;;)
    Oh, and in case you’re looking at the scans while reading my translation please look at the pics VERY closely this time.There’s something funny about this chapter….! (I’ll tell you what at the bottom of this post ^o^!)


    Watanuki (Wata) : “Don’t you go near that thing!”

    Doumeki (Dou) : “but [if we don’t do anything] all the words’ll get eaten!”


    Wata : “…now it won’t be able to jump at us anymore!”


    Dou : “You moron! You closed in the book! What are we gonna do now?!”

    Wata : *huff huff*

    Wata : “Don’t touch it! It’ll come out again!”

    Dou : “If we don’t make it come out we won’t be able to get the book back!”

    Wata : “Stop it, for crying out loud!! What are you gonna do if you don’t stand a chance against it?!”

    Dou : “That’s why you should get out of here.”

    Wata : “you don’t have to worry about me!”

    Dou : “Then you don’t have to worry about me either.”

    Wata : “I can’t [not worry]!”

    ((actually they’re not using the word ‘worry’ here. But a literal translation would sound kind of weird :o!


    Wata : “Right! If we ask Yuuko-san what to do…!”

    Yuuko (Yuu) : “Did you call for me?”

    Wata : Yuuko-san!!”


    Yuu : “Is that your pet?”

    Yuu : ‘ojamashimasu’
    ((ojamashimasu = I’m sorry to bother you. It’s an expression that’s used if you enter somebody else’s house.

    Wata : “No it’s not!!”

    Yuu : “So you’d like me to make it disappear?”

    Wata : “Absolutely!”

    Yuu : “Doumeki-kun is it all right if I take these ofuda?”

    Yuu : “I’ll write you new ones later.”

    Dou : “Of course. Go ahead.”

    Yuu : “Mokona!”

    Mokona (Moko) : “Got it!”




    Yuu : “See that? There’s a lot of delicious letters written on it.”


    Yuu : “Here’s some too.”

    Yuu : “And here too.”


    Yuu : “And this is the last one.”



    Yuu : “As to be expected from ofuda written by Doumeki-kun’s grandfather.”

    Yuu : “Instant effect.”

    Wata : “What…happened here just now?”

    Yuu : “This here is a book worm.”
    (( …..book worm… ^^;;

    Yuu : “It lives in books and loves to feed on valuable or precious letters.”

    Yuu : “That’s why it went straight for the ofuda Doumeki-kun’s grandfather wrote.”


    Yuu : “But after eating all the ofuda protecting this room it can’t move anymore.”

    Yuu : “You could say it’s as if a kekkai had been set up inside of it.”
    ((kekkai = protective barrier

    Dou : “….they’re gone.”


    Wata : “It’s because I put the box onto it.”

    Dou : “Is that an apology?”

    Dou : “No way!”

    ‘Tsunakawa shoten (publishing company)’


    Yuu : “Say, whose book is this?”

    Wata : “It’s Himawari-chan’s.”

    Wata : ‘hah!’

    Wata : “The inside! What’s become of the inside of the book?!”

    Wata : “gyaaaaaah!!”


    Wata : “Oh no!” ‘Himawari-chan’s book—!!’

    Yuu : “….Indeed. It’s Himawari-chan’s.”


    Ahahaha ! Did you pay close attention to the pictures this time? If not, look at the chapter once more!
    Did you notice? …..Watanuki seems to have miraculously regained his eyesight in some of the pics of
    this chapter ^o^! …..Instant miracle XD? Hardly, but I’m really curious as to how this happened!
    I’m sure Ookawa-sensei’s the last one to check the chapter before they send it to the editor and even
    the editor didn’t notice! I’m sure this will be corrected in the tankoubon version so be sure to keep the
    scans to check later!

    And if you happened to miss it, Watanuki’s eye is all fine on pages

    2 first panel

    3 second panel

    4 first panel

    ….Doumeki, why so depressed? You don’t have to look for a way to get Watanuki’s eye back anymore XD!!


    • Re: Holic chapter 84 translation : Instant miracle??

      1st: Thank YOU! ^___^

      2nd, you are so right ! XDDD I think no one noticed XDDD I can agree on pages 3 and 4… but page 2 is not so clear, so…

      Yeah, they’ll probably correct it for the tank, please XD


  5. Snape japanese voice is horrible, but Lucius’s (?) voice is greatXD And thank you for translation and Omg it’s already 7 volumes? I wanna Poland to buy it and publish, I want it on paper;}


    • Akaya-chan, jestes z Polski?! Ale ja ci zazdroszcze! Ja bylam w Polsce na wakacjach w lipcu ale jeszcze mi nie wystrarczylo tej Polski! Tak bym chiala sobie zjesc pierogi z serem i z truskawkami (tu tego niema T_T) albo halwy…!I napewno juz wyszla nowa kolekcja Reserved ;_;!! Bym chiala jejac do Polski jeszcze ras w tym roku ale wyjade do Japoni na rok za miesiac i to znaczy ze nie bede mogla jechac do Polski zale dwa lata *placze* T_T!! Ale tez jeste szesliwa ze narescie wyjade do Japoni


      • No problem, my english isn’t very good to;p It’s nice to know that you like Poland;] And yes, there is new collection from Reserved now. Thought I don’t like shopping very much it’s pretty cool, especially baggy pants and shirts;D and I agree that pierogi with strawberries are delicious^^ And one question who teached you polish, it’s pretty good;}


        • Ahaha ^^! My grandma lives in Poland and I go there for two or three weeks every summer! I kind of picked the language up over the years ^^! But I only talk Polish when I’m in Poland….so my language skills are deteriorating -.-;;!


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