Random News !

Firstly, XXXHOLiC chapter 83 is in there !!! Yeeey! This time, ladydarkmoon did the amazing job ! I didn’t even bother to edit them because they look just great !
I have to say, this girl, Ali-san, it’s incredibly kind ! Thank you so much for everything, all your effort, really ^___^ *hugs tightly*

This chapter comes with an AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS color page (one of my favorites so far! Yuuko is so fancy), and it’s a totally out-of-place thing. I mean, usually color pages comes with the beginning of a new tank… and they usually are 4. This one was probably a commemoration for the movie, does anyone know if there’s something worthy saying on that page? I loved the “Created & Melted & Produced … By CLAMP”.
There’s also some pages about the movie with some new caps on the file.

Kobato on GX cover and Tsubasa Good:

I forgot to mention (I actually didn’t notice) that Kobato is ALSO featuring the cover for Sunday GX’s September Edition, as you can see.
There are some things I’d like to say… things that passed through my head when I first saw it:

– I know there are -enough- proofs and it’s more-than-proofed that Mokona does Kobato main art, but in this new pic, the hints are -everywhere- XD I mean, Kobato is wearing a KIMONO in the middle of SUNFLOWERS… what more do you want? XD
– Another thing I noticed was how BIG the name CLAMP is… I know it’s not the first time we see a thing like that but I never commented about it… How big is the name of CLAMP in the manga industry… I mean, usually, we see the name of series very big (when it’s famous) and, sometimes very small, underneath it it’s where the name of the author is located. But with CLAMP, it’s always very BIG, sometimes even bigger than the series’s name (as in this case). I just love that ^^

According to my counts, this should be the last chapter for tank 1. So, probably, the first volume should be released soon, on September or October.

I got a bigger version for the Tsubasa goodie from CLAMP Su:

Pretty and peaceful, isn’t it?


27 thoughts on “Random News !

  1. Yay for the WB! (I can’t believe I just typed that.. o.O) I can’t wait for GoF!

    Also, yay for CLAMP-Su, and new Mokona-artwork. Now if they would just finish X…. ^_~


    • Haha, well, the names in the tomb are all wrong. Tom Marvollo Riddle is actually Voldemort. And he’s not buried in there… in fact, NO ONE in the city ever heard of him. Did you read book 6? It explains more detailed in there.
      The dates are also VERY wrong… according to them, Voldemort’s father had 11 years old when he had his son O.O


  2. *hugs back* You’re welcome! ^_^ Glad to be of service. It’s kind of funny about the scans because I totally ripped the staples out of the magazine binding so that I could make the pages nice and flat on my scanner. But now the nice tidy magazine is no longer… -_-‘


    • Ow I did notice you had ripped the pages ^^”””” Well, it did look great !
      Usually XXXHOLiC scans are so bad… maybe it’s because YM’s printing… because the tsubasa ones are always better… but this time it was the same quality as the tsubasa ones ^^


      • They weren’t ‘ripped’…they were lovingly removed. Ahem. ~_^ But I have noticed the lack of quality Holic scans out there and I do agree that it’s probably YM’s printing. Plus the magazine itself is just put together weirdly. We’ll see what we get the next xxxHolic chapter.


  3. Love the Kobato cover~ ♥

    GoF rated PG-13? Now that gets me really curious! Of course, I agree it should carry this warning, but I live abroad and until now all HP movies have been dubbed here, which was… not particularly pleasant, to say the least. It would be nice if the distributor kindly released GoF with subtitles, or at least in two versions. I mean, most teenagers can read quickly enough, neh?
    And, the WB has just gained a bit of my respect. They probably know that many HP fans are slightly obsessive and it would be dangerous not to correct a mistake they spotted. >3


    • Here we have the non-dubbed and the dubbed one… but it’s so unfair… the non-dubbed one has a LOT more sessions than the dubbed one >_<
      I'm glad they are treating HP as their baby… GoF really seemed to be the 1st one to recieve a PG-13… and that's how it's gonna stay for the last 3 movies.


  4. It doesn’t surprise me that they’re going to correct there little continuity error for that movie. Hell, there was an episode of the X-files where they digitally changed an actors clothes because it was the wrong outfit… and that was years ago.

    It’ll probably be a 4 hour fix for the post-production department. No biggy for them. Also, the PG-13 rating indicates that the film will be more violent…. War of the World’s had a PG-13 rating, and that was really damn violent.

    I wonder how long before someone picks up Kobato. I give Tokyopop another year to realize it exists and to license it.


    • Yeah, I know it may be very easy… the tomb may show up on screen for only a couple a seconds… no big deal… I just didn’t think they would even LISTEN to us… I’m glad they do.

      As for Kobato, even if Tokyopop grabs it, we’ll still be doing it on CnL XDDD
      I think they are only waiting for the 1st tank to be out.


    • You’d be surprised how much the MPAA bends for big-name movies like War of the Worlds. They’re very lenient with movies from influential Hollywooders like Steven Spielberg, hence why War of the Worlds probably received a PG-13 with no problem. According to your description it sounds like the movie would’ve received an R had it been rated according to stringent standards, but I’m afraid I can’t agree or disagree with you, as I haven’t seen the movie yet, unfortunately. (Personal issues prevented me from being able to see the movie, but that’s anohter sotry.)


  5. Yay more Doumeki/Watanuki!

    I was ecstatic over learning about GoF’s PG-13 rating. The producers are finally wising up to the seriousness of the series.

    You can always re-edit the movie and re-submit it to the MPAA for a re-rating. It happens a lot with movies that get an NC-17, like Resident Evil. They just edit the movie again and hope for the best.


    • That’s my biggest fear… I’ll not be satisfied as long as I don’t see on their official site the PG-13 rating (it’s still saying that the movie was not rated).
      I read in some sites that they may be doing it >_< Cut scenes, you know… argh


  6. AaaaaaaaAaAahhHHhh!
    kobato só em setembro??! nao acredito! ta demorando muitooooo~~~~T.T
    bem, espero q ao menos seja meio grandinhu, tipo, umas 30, 35 pags (devido a demora neh?) T.T
    bem… fazer o que neh? o q um clampniaco nao faz….
    fui! o//~~


  7. Thank you so very much, ladydarkmoon, I’ll be forever grateful!

    I saw a glypse of the picture on the young magazine website and I really wanted to see it (well, I have a thing for one-eyed men, I’m afraid I watched too much Captain Harlock when I was little).

    In black, red and white, with a touch of gold and purple, so gorgeous. I hope there will be a calendar for 2006 and this picture will make it.

    The director of the first movie seems very passionnated about his film, it bode well, I hope it will be the best out of the four.



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