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usomitai-san posted a nice and handy poll at her LJ and I thought I’d do the same ^^

So please, if you read my LJ and you have 10 sec of free time, answer to the poll. It’s important because it’ll let me know what you are interested to… what shall be in and what shall be out from now on.

You can vote on more than one alternative ^^

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What things you like to read in my LJ?

CLAMP Downloads
Harry Potter News/Thoughts
Personal things/Thoughts


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Thank you !


22 thoughts on “Readers Poll

  1. DLs are nice, but I have been more surprised by more than one piece of news about CLAMP or HP than for some downloads (ok, let’s not include the Clover video here xD) 😉


  2. I love and appreciate your downloads A LOT, and the news you bring to us, but I like your personal thoughts as well ^^ You are a good observer and way too fun, so ^^


  3. Nice Idea Yuuto-san ^^
    Downloads are nice and all but what´s left? i mean what didn´t already passed by your LJ? XDDDDDD
    No seriously, to be honmest I like your reviews, specially anime ones ^___^ but I understand that takes time and it is ok ^^
    Alkso sometimes you know things about Clamp that nobody does so…when you put that in the news just….blow my mind XD
    Well that´s pretty much it, I hope contributes ^^Uuu
    Ja! Take care! Bye bye


  4. Eu adoro o seu LJ ^^
    Eu curto mais as CLAMP News e os downloads (claro XD)

    Obrigada pela mensagem tb… Espero que sua passagem de ano tenha sido ótima ^__^
    Bom, eu testei os meus links dos meus fanarts e abriram sem problemas…
    Mas vou deixar a minha galeria no Deviant Art
    Em “Deviation Gallery” estão quase todos os meus desenhos.

    Estas são as mais recentes…

    Sakura Kinomoto

    Bom, espero que seu LJ melhore cada vez mais ^^


    • Valew Blaize-chan pela contribuição !

      Nossa, esses desenhos são maravilhosos !!!!!! Vc deve ter o msm astro regente da Mokona, naum é possivel ^^”” Vc desenha mt mt mt bem *-*-*-*

      Parabens msm ! Tao mais do q lindos !
      Bjs !


      • Valew Blaize-chan pela contribuição !

        >>De nada, estou às ordens ^________^

        Nossa, esses desenhos são maravilhosos !!!!!! Vc deve ter o msm astro regente da Mokona, naum é possivel ^^”” Vc desenha mt mt mt bem *-*-*-*

        >> Obrigada, Yuuto-san XD Só sei que comecei a desenhar fanarts pois ouvia muito as pessoas dizerem que a arte de Mokona era muito complicada… Uso uma técnica diferente a dela e acabou virando um hobby.. Agora se nasci com o mesmo astro regente, não sei… Falta muito… ^^’


  5. I appreciate your CLAMP news so much! I’m always amazed by how on top of things you are. And downloads or course are very nice. ^^ But anything you want to share is just fine (that’s why I clicked on every option ^^;;), it’s nice to hear what you think about CLAMP stuff or Harry Potter or anything in general.


  6. I really apprecaite the download stuff even though it leaves me feeling like a sponge who can’t contribute back ^.^’

    But you’re always one of the best sources for CLAMP news & as I’ve drifted a little away from HP fandom, I like reading those updates too ^.^


  7. Your livejournal IS my clamp news site you know things way before anyone else even me if i tried to look and you efforts at everything you post is appreciated You have earned the right to post whatever you want about anything you want and everyone would still enjoy it and im sure you would not lose one reader over it so Congradulations and thankyou for your wonderful site


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