CLAMP No Kiseki Comics 06, 07 & 08 … by CnL (and BWYS) !

I really want to get done with those, but they are proving to be harder than I expected xD Especially because it’s a joint project with BWYS and I have to send it to them for proofreading, then fix the mistakes, then send it again and see if everything is finally ok. Not to mention mine and Earth Dragon’s (BWYS’s editor) schedules don’t really match, which makes things even harder xDDDD

Anyway, I know it must be a real pain to go there and download a 2-3 pages long comic, so this time we give you 3 volumes at once so you have a very good reason to download them xDD

My favorite one is the extra scene of Watashi no Suki na Hito. Because the art is shared between Mokona and Nekoi, and also because the story is interesting (I could totally see Ohkawa writing it).

Hope you like it, those are really worth reading for the sake of their random factor ^^

19 thoughts on “CLAMP No Kiseki Comics 06, 07 & 08 … by CnL (and BWYS) !

  1. thanks Chibiyuuto you are a Clamp Angel i could dowload it i really hope we will have some more good news thanks!”!! You will friendme to the comunity??? (Puppy eyes and a box of cholalates and candy) Please!!!!!!!!


    • You’re welcome ! ^^

      You mean the CnL community at LJ? Well, you can surely “friend” it and watch the updates from your flist… but you can’t become a member because that would mean you are allowed to post on it as well ^^” And since I use it as a “News system” for the group’s website, I can’t allow other people apart from the group’s own members to post anything, I’m sorry =\


  2. Thanks for CNK releases! ^^
    It remembered me the first time when I showed the one of watashi no sukinahito to my brother (the last year). He told me “You little…why you didn’t show me this before?” XDDD


  3. >the art is shared between Mokona and Nekoi,

    OMG! You are so right!!!! I didn´t noticed that! *slaps himself* how come?! Bad fan! bad fan! XD I noticed something was different tough…


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