CLAMP Mokona no Okimono Kimono to be featured on Japanese TV

The NEWS BOARD section of CLAMP-NET is stating that the morning show Mezamashi TV, of Fuji TV network, is going to air a segment about the book and the special exhibition of CLAMP Mokona no Okimono Kimono in one of it’s corners.

The show will be aired this Friday, February 16th. The corner containg CLAMP’s segment will start at 7:40 AM.

They don’t mention if Mokona or any other CLAMP member will make an appearance, but let’s hope so!

I’ll see if my friend (and by this, I mean I’M GONNA TRY MY HARDEST *-*) can rip the video for us. No guarantees, though…

The book is out today, btw!

Happy Valentine’s, you people! ^__^